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    Can anyone advise where the current stock radio antenna is located? I have a 2018 GT.

    Yes, I have poor reception as well, and plan to add a ferrite core to the feed line to reduce interference. As a ham radio operator / technician, I have access to all sorts of RF test equipment so I am going to attack this issue from a technical standpoint.

    Thanks in Advance!


    Having replaced the center bulbs 2 weeks ago, I can tell you I definitely get a longer throw from them.

    I DID make sure to select 4-sided H9 bulbs as suggested by dangerdarrell. These do a significantly better job than the 2-sided ones. The H3 bulbs for the outside lamps are only 2-sided, but the manufacturer claims that they are tuned for 3x better throw than halogen bulbs.... I'ma take that claim with a large grain of salt until I test it out.

    I am also hoping for better coverage off the front corners of the sling - I've noticed a real lack when coming home over dark country roads and taking corners blind last spring. That was what led me on the quest to add the light bar, and now the full LED light kit up front.

    I'll give a better review here in a few days...

    I have been very happy with our LED Light upgrade that I posted on a few weeks ago:

    Added LED Headlights

    Did not know you could check without rotating the master cylinder

    Talking about bench testing the level switches. They would be unplugged and removed to check out. You can manually operate the levels, they likely use a magnetic reed switch, with the float having the magnet.... if life is good, maybe one of the floats is stuck and just needs a parting line scraped.

    How does it do against snakes? Just asking

    I would stick to the Taurus Judge for Snakes! I have a bug assault and we love it for mosquitoes and flies! In fact we hot glued a straw at the end of the barrel to have a better sight picture! LOL Have also been lazy and shot burgers on the grill :)

    Here in Iowa we have different needs! It is now beginning to get cool in the evenings, so having a wind break is more important to us. Our trip this past weekend the wind was from the North East, and the high on Saturday was 66 degrees. In the morning it was 61 and coats were a must with upper body chills experienced. The 2018 has gaps in the bottom of the windshield letting in plenty of wind, I was thinking of trying a bean bag filled tube that is used to block drafts on the bottom of a door. Just not sure that I want to spend much more than $200 for a "fall" windshield!

    If anyone has a good used one that is closed off in the bottom I could be a player.... PM Me


    This is what I did, and it works great!

    Yesterday we drove to Rochester MN around 120 miles to meet up with some friends and stay the night... This was our first over night trip! Country Inn and Suites Rochester South is VERY Slingshot friendly! They encouraged us to park under their awning for the night, I even gave a couple of their employees a ride!!

    I had a chance to use our Master Lock Handcuffs, and they really worked very well by cranking the steering and connecting from the steering wheel to the frame tube on the drivers side.

    We only saw 2 slingshots on our way home today.

    Got pretty decent mileage considering we bucked a wind both directions.

    Our 1st trip with the Full Blown Headers and WP FSX exhaust... We have a pretty windy day, with some cross wind. Mostly Highway Driving.... Most Temps were mid 60's, got home just hit 75 degrees...

    That looks like a nice lift and it has the symmetrical arms W0GEN mentioned. I don't have personal experience with lifts but am getting interested. At about $3,500 it is more expensive than any of the 2 post lifts at There seems to be a lot of choices and I don't think the cheapest is where you want to go. Does anyone out there have some useful feedback?

    It actually ended up at $3,200 fully installed. Took the installers 3 hours... they did a good job, It would have taken me 6 hours just to lay out all the pieces and figure it all out... LOL