Mississippi DMV tag issue

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  • On a FB slingshot forum a guy posted that he can not get a motor cycle tag for his SS. They issue a full size car tag. Anyone ever hear of this. I was trying to find our who he could contact to get this issue resolved. Anyone hear of this issue before.
    Here is one of his reply's.
    just called and spoke to a different DMV in ms and she said no they get
    card tags they issued 3 in the last week and that one lady caused a fit
    and acted a ass and told them they didn’t know what they were talking
    bought so they called the state and the state confirmed that slingshots get a car tag so according to her it’s no way they can issue me a motorcycle tag
    but i’m like that’s crazy and if they consider it a car why does all the insurance companies sell u a motorcycle policy.

    By the time I save up for mods, I have to buy another rear tire :cursing:

  • Some states seem to be doing that. I guess the Autocycle designation might have something to do with it. While the Federal govt classes the Slingshot as a motorcycle, licensing and tagging are up to each state.

  • So do you follow cars rules or motorcycle rules? Helmets, motorcycle license? Motorcycle insurance or car insurance? Safety inspections? Car or motorcycle?

    Thats the point the insurance states motorcycle, yet you get a car tag.

    By the time I save up for mods, I have to buy another rear tire :cursing: