Polaris has massive ATV recall

  • I was a big ATVer and in a club. Polaris was a swear word among us!! Always having issues. They were cool looking, but trouble!

    I Have No more toys, just memories.... :/

  • Never any problems with my Polaris ATV's. Trail rides, plow snow, pull trailers, launch the jet ski, etc.... I used my very first 300 sportsman to plow all the snow every year for 7 years from our neighborhoods shared driveway over a half mile long. That thing was awesome. I am talking several times a week in subzero weather running that thing up and down the road 30 mph throwing snow off to the sides. When we sold the house I sold the ATV to the new owners so they could get up and down the bluff to the beach on the river. They are still running that thing 10 years later.