Where Did You Take Your Slingshot Today?

  • Thanks for the info

  • I taught my grand daughter when she was 6 years old, she is now 13. The Slingshot is hers when I leave this world. She is the only one of 9 grands that cares anything about the Sling.

    Most likely I'll get another one along the way. As of now I'm thinking the same direction. I have other grand kids. Some that like the sling, others could care less but this grand daughter is kind, respectful, (to property and people) and actually laughs. Those little things make a difference in life.

  • Back in the 1970's I took a week off to ride around Fla. and every time I came to a stop sign or a traffic light I kind of flipped a mental coin to see which way to go from the stop. I saw some pretty places but do not ask me how to get there. I also got lost around the Back of the Dragon and road around for 3 hours on back roads, they were paved at one time but now they are one lane. After the three hours I decided that I needed to follow the GPS to find out where I was at.