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    So today I actually think I might get a pic for the month in and also probably the last ride this home time. Taking a friend that can’t ride motorcycles any more for a long drive and lunch today doing the blue loop or what I call it the Norris Dam. Pics to come have a safe day y’all

    Thank you and then there is the other problem of California we knew 15 years ago that there carbs rule was going to effect our supply chain someday and we just keep letting California ruin this country rule by rule. Any older trucks can’t even enter California and probably 50% fall in that category. And also with there new AB5 bill attacking small businesses which include independent operators it’s even worse. And yes stock up within reason cause it ain’t gonna get better. For me though the next 2 years look awesome. But after everything thing gets going again my rates go down the toilet where there is profit but if I blow a tire or maintenance I work for free. Of course I plan for that day but still I shouldn’t have to wait to earn the pay I am today. Long rant yes I’m a VET and this country has ticked me off royally.

    As a Trucker I’m going to throw my opinion out there on the supply chain problem…… goes….so we all know California is where 90% of our supply comes out of the ports. All cargo out of California is paying too dollar. But California has made it clear they don’t like truckers. The fuel is three the roof. 55mph speed limit for trucks. Hell I’m scared to fart in California they would say I blew a hole in the ozone layer. Even with as much money I could make hauling out of California I refuse to give in to commiefornia. Like I said since some of ya are in Cali this is my opinion. Then of course besides high fuel they want ya to pay $35 to park for the night 🖕nope I’ll drive in states that praise us truckers. Sorry long rant and thank you for praising my semi picks it means a lot cause in the middle of pandemic we were like king and sometimes it feels like people forgot. Thank ya

    No pics today but did go meet a trucker and picked him up and took him for a ride. So ya ever have that one friend who’s a know it all lol. Well he’s it and his name is the same as mine. I have the GT so this whole time I’m like why is there a gap on my side of the roof. He was the first passenger and well guess I was never fully locking mine…….oops

    Almost home got the rig all polished and soon be riding the Sling this week. Was wondering if there is a 4 point seat belt for the stock seats? It really gets tight and I hate it. I will be doing the Norris Dam ride probably next weekend. Anybody in TN in the area give me a shout.

    So shiny

    Might want to check to be sure that you can get in with the Slingshot. Some of the cabins are hard to get to with a Slingshot and if you trailer---problem. Better to check now.

    oh yeah and with air ride I have more flex if ya know what I mean

    A lot of us will come in on Monday 30 May 2022 and depart on Sunday 5 Jun 2022. Those of us who have been making the rally don't worry much about the planned activities but gather in small groups to ride every day. Riding the mountains 6 to 8 Slingshots make a good number for a fun ride. Always plenty of guys ready to ride.

    sounds great I like that idea I’m renting a cabin mon to sat cause the woman will fly in and fly out hope to be included on these small rides that’s what we enjoy

    So sling in the smokies is may 31 to june 4 I’m booking a cabin and was wondering like do ya have to be at it on may 31? Or what is the best time?

    Y’all are having a lot of fun. I’m still cruising around in my Semi to a lot of places I can’t wait to take my Sling. Just played around in southern Oregan and here next week will be in California. Soon home to hopefully get one or two more rides on the Sling. Trying to talk the little lady to go somewhere warm for Christmas and ride 🤞

    Yeah, I have some Twist Dynamics 20" on the front of mine and I just barely clear the wheel wells by less than 1" on each side.

    I note you have backed in. I tried a couple different configurations and found that the front in first with the wheels just about centered at the forward edge of the trailer wheel wells was about perfect for level loading. The SS is right at 600 lbs per tire, or 1200 front/600 rear. Your mileage may vary.

    yeah I went with rear loading cause I wanted more weight on the tandems and then coolers tools etc will go in v nose