Maggie Valley 2019

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  • Welp got a room reserved, Quality Inn, and registered for this year's Maggie Valley. Since this will be our first time there any advice or suggestions from some of you that have been before?

    Now to figure out if I'm driving the Sling up , SW Fla, or trailering.

  • Food for thought:

    If possible, I would try to reserve a room at Comfort Inn. You do not even have to drive to the Fairgrounds as the hotel is in it's backyard. Additionally, if you run out of alcohol, you can just walk and get some more rather than drive. Also, if it rains, it is an advantage to have your slingshot in the hotel parking lot rather than on the grass at the fairgrounds. I could go on and on but you get the picture.

  • You may want to reach out to some people you know and organize some rides. The event features many rides but they are usually allot of participants in each ride. Try to set up one or 2 rides with some friends in a smaller group. This is much more flexible.

    Make sure you are prepared for rain it is a common thing that time of year in the mountains, rain gear and a plan B if the day is a washout. There are plenty of things of do in the area and lots of people tow so you can almost always find a dry ride.

    Most important - Just have fun and sling on