4 - Point Harness

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    • MiM wrote:

      Yeah... I just don't want to cut through plastics and don't mind that mounting system that slingmods sells... Just mind the price. 8|
      If you have stock seats you dont have to cut anything because they sit lower , OEM seats are higher. I've got 4 P attached to the roll bar bolts and they just come out and down.Work great....there is a discussion on this in the forum.
      FL D12 OG
    • MACAWS wrote:

      WrongWheelDrive wrote:

      MACAWS wrote:

      I am running 3" harness and my wife loves them - she screams a lot less now!
      Most of the 2" are the off road versions, and they do work just fine. If you are using them a lot you may want to make sure they are DOT. Leave the stock belts in place. If a LEO thinks your harness is not approved you can always swing the stock belt out and use them. Not a common problem but it has happened. Plus having DOT belt helps if you are ever in an accident and have to make an insurance claim. They tend to look for any reason not to pay.
      If these are classified as a motorcycle you can you get a ticket for no seatbelt?
      That is a valid question but I think if it is equipped with belts you have t wear them. Lots of grey area with this machine. I just try to color in as much as possible and avoid conflicts - unlike my younger days, I am too old to be handcuffed to that steel bar in holding.
      I can't speak for the other states, but in Arkansas it is still classified as a motorcycle, and you do need an endorsement. With that being said motorcycles do not have seat belts and i am not going to be that guy to write a seat belt ticket in a SS. I do understand the personal aspect of wearing it for safety reasons though.

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