Ride Command install on 2015-17 slingshots done!

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    • SlingRider wrote:

      by the way.. I never heard back from Polaris on the tire pressure display.. At least I dont' remember a call..
      All good. I have a call into them myself. I found a tech who deals with RideCommand. What pisses me off is that they advertise this "Advance feature" of tire pressure on the web site and on the box it came in, but do you think that when you spend that much on a stereo that it would come with the sensors?... or for that matter even directions on how to use it? The only "directions" they offer is in the 2018 user manual and it's VERY limited. They really get a "FAIL" for documentation on this thing.

      Has anyone purchased the mechanics manual? I almost pulled the trigger on that yesterday. Is it even remotely worth it? Anyone have a PDF of the 2018 version? I have a 2017, but I don't think they have changed anything other than color and things like shocks and Ride Command. Figured the 2018 may have something in it that covered RideCommand.
    • SlingRider wrote:

      So they gonna discount it. Hahahahahaha
      May take it back... depends on how much of a pain in the ass this wiring job becomes. I mean it's the very FIRST thing they have on the list of advanced features. Stamped on the box too. What the hell is wrong with them?

      Anyway... Does anyone have a 2018 mechanics book? Looks like they did change the wiring harness on the 2018 ? I'm trying to figure out what each of these are. I can guess negative and positive wires, but need to figure out the other 3. It's supposed to plug right into a plug directly mounted under the stereo faceplate. Anyone?

    • OK, so I'm close to coming up with an adapter that will allow you to retrofit your own amplifier to this thing.

      To Note... when you buy RideCommand "kit", it doe NOT come with an amplifier, so you can't listen to anything. All ride command is used for is a waterproof interface for MSRP $2500 :00008862:
      If you are sticking with Polaris, you will also need their amplifier (part #2413907) for MSRP $522.79, and that doesn't include the speakers.

      I refuse to spend that kind of money on a kit and have to splice into it, so I'm picking up the schematics today/tomorrow to be sure I'm correct about the wires and will get a rewire something or other done from there. Still not sure this is worth it, but lets see. The display is VERY bright. Anyone have it and have any issues in direct sunlight?

      I'd send this back just on principle if it wasn't for the fact that it took me 6 months to get it.
    • SlingRider wrote:

      Salty - I found it readable in daylight, but I can't remember how it was impacted by direct sunlight. Only got 288 miles on the damn thing then put it up for winter
      Thanks. I knew you had it but couldn't remember what you had stated about direct sunlight. I got it to work with some gator clips to the wiring harness and it was almost too bright in a low light area. Would definitely be too bright while driving at night when it's set to full brightness. Guess we'll see!
    • Wow, got to love this... I got a copy of the latest mechanics manual. Has the following about RideCommand:
      From the General settings menu you can do the following:.
      • Change the Language
      • Set the Speed Units (MPH or KPH)
      • Set the Temperature Units (F or C)
      • Set the Volume Units (Gal or L)
      • Set the Pressure Units (PSI or Bar)
      • Update Software
      • Update Maps

      And this is what they have for the wiring harness for RideCommand:

      ... Really... am I just expecting too much?
    • LOL... found the diagram. They couldn't call it Ride Command or Radio, they had to call it " 7",ENOV " LOL. So back to work! This thing is turning into a personal challenge of sorts LOL.

      So good news is that this has "PreAmp out" lines, so I'm assuming we can go directly to the amp at line levels.
    • Polaris seems to have a problem with their electronics. I foolishly bought the Polaris version of a popular alarm. Polaris version does not do some of the things the non Polaris version does. One that I miss is the ability of disarming the system in the event that the remotes battery dies, or the remote is lost. It is a series of key on/off actions, Polaris decided that they did not want that in their system. Also a biggy, if you leave you system armed for about two days it will run the battery dead. After installing the system I either leave it off, put it on a battery tender, or pull the power fuse. Would have liked to return it and buy an aftermarket system but I had installed it. Also the warning sound is weak. I suggest anybody thinking of an alarm system go aftermarket.


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