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Attention Vendors. Please email any instruction manuals you may have for your products. They will be added to the FILEBASE tab for members to access.

    Here are some shots of Gail, Snazzy and me, Sam, traveling from Florida to our Summer/Fall home in North Georgia Mountains. I have my GoPro mounted on "Snazzy" and give the view she gets. You can see how she fits on our 14 ft open trailer, we call "Snuggy". Oh, that is "Whitey" the Jeep. If any members will be in the Helen, Ga area, contact us and we can ride the mountains. Will be here until Nov 1st. If you want to look at our campground and have a RV, Travel Trailer or 5th Wheel, there are rental lots, come stay in the Georgia Mountains for a bit, enjoy our beautiful roads and places to eat. We will leave a light on!

    Now look at some of our travel highlights from Snazzy's view on the Trailer.

    just entered Georgia from Florida. We left at 5am

    We are taking 475 bypass around Macon. Gives a clear view of how tight the fit on the sides of trailer, about 1 1/2 in. clearance.

    This is the town of Shady Dale, Georgia and the old Stagecoach Stop, it's an old draw well on the left in the photo. Georgia has some very interesting small towns.

    We are at the Entrance of our North Georgia Mountain Campground for nice cool Summer and great rides.

    Our Lot. I have aerial video of our campground on my youtube channel if you want to check it out. Just look at the playlist on Samowens44 youtube channel.

    Folks, Gail is Legally Blind and has found her PenFriend is a very helpful aid for her independence. Gail made a video to show how she uses her visual aid to help identify all kinds of products used in her daily life. I am sure some of our members know someone that is visually impaired. Hope this will be of value to someone to share with folks they know. Showtime, staring Gail Flynn.

    Here is a look at the temperatures reached in the passenger side area at the right side of the seat on the floorboard.

    We took a 35 min trip and videoed the thermometer readings. Then we show the return home readings later in the day. The temps would be much higher if there were no floorboard insulation, floor mats and all holes plugged with insulation. We have discovered a new place that higher temp heat is able to invade the area. It is located just to the front of seat where the speaker mounts. I have packed the area with insulation now and think that will take care of the remaining heat issue. I believe we can live with the comfort level for Gail now. She is happy and willing to ride longer with less heat. If you have heat issues, you will have to work together to feel for heat and where it is coming in and insulate the area.

    Gail and I have been working hard to find all the leaks of hot air that are invading the Passenger side of Snazzy. The main heat is coming in on the right side near the front of the seat. I have putting strips of insulation along the area from the front of seat to the area where they the sides come to a V. Plugged holes at the seat supports front and back and we go for a test ride in this video. It made great improvements. We measured the temps in that area and we started at 89 degrees and the highest point towards noon got to 113 degrees. Temps go up in the high 90's. Gail says she is not getting the unbearable heat she was before I made changes. She is happy now. Get your passenger to help locate your areas of heat by feeling as Gail did along the right side of seat area for hot air. It would be best to view my previous video that shows all the areas of attention. Trial and error will lead you to a more comfortable ride for your passenger. One other thing, follow my video to show how I installed insulation under the floorboard. The heat issue for the Polaris Slingshot is a number of areas that hot exhaust heat can enter the floorboard area, directly and indirectly. So if you are tired of it, get to work and get your passenger to help. Also, check out our test of the new Silicone Hoses we are using for our "Sip and Ride" drink feature. We love it for quick easy drinks of our favorite beverages. The cup holders are in an impossible location for easy use, so we just leave our cups and drink from our Silicone hoses that the ends are inserted into our Cooler Cups.

    Watch the video, this is an update to previous video on these subjects.

    Here is a link to all my video for the subject of Passenger Side Heat issues. If your passenger is commenting about the high heat on very hot days, you may want to look at this playlist and see if some of them can lead to a solution for you. Click on upper left corner hash marks to see the list.

    New owners, you may have just gotten you Slingshot recently and do not have a lot of information of where things are happening. Well, you did find an important location by finding my Page on Slinshotinfo. Here is a link the the Web Cam at Maggie Valley Festival Grounds. When the event gets close to starting on May 28th, you will be able to see some of the Slingshot Vendors setting up and then the Slingshot Event Goers arriving. The Cam will be going during all of the event time. May 28 to June 8th. Maybe next year you will be prepared to attend.

    Go the main website for all Slingshot Events, Slingshotroadster dot com. For now get a front seat to watch what happens this year at Slingshots in the Smokies 2019.…01260650700-28285319-9fb2

    How about the two holes on each side of the console to the side of the shifter. I cut two triangle pieces of soft foam to fit the holes on each side. A lot of air coming in at these four holes, almost enough to warm the cockpit in the winter time with the cup holder holes also. Believe me, I have run the cup holders open all winter.

    Thanks for your input. You are correct on holes at several locations. This was an issue that Gail brought to my attention about how the underneath front of her seat was so hot. After sealing around the seat mounts, we did a test ride a little bit ago and she says it is much better but has indicated she has some more hot air coming from the passenger down tube that goes down to the floorboard. I find there is some factory foam there, but not completely sealed off, not enough. I have places more foam there to see what she thinks.

    New Owners, always ask your passenger for information about their comfort with heat issues. The Slingshot has an issue with giving the passenger some discomfort in this department. Reason is the the Hot Exhaust gases come out on the Passenger side and are channeled under the floor board on that side. The Passenger Side Seat gets hot air coming from around the seat mounting supports area where it attaches to the floorboard. I got to checking this out and have found where the air can be coming from. The drain holes to allow water to drain out from rain or whatever are located in this area. I have installed some foam insulation around the seat post to seal off this air flow. also plugged the drain holes. I will keep this in mind if water is an issue later and remove plugs to drain. For now I am interested in Gail's comfort as she wants to come home quicker with all this heat. Florida Heat is bad and this is a real problem for her. I think this will take care of the issue. You may want to check with your passenger and have them place their hand down at the front seat mounting post and feel for hot air while you are at highway speeds. To seal the drain holes, I packed foam in them and covered them with a strip of insulation. The video will explain all of this. I did find another area along the floor to right of passenger seat that Gail found a lot of hot air. The video will explain.

    As you begin your journey into the wild world of Mods available for the Slingshot in the area of electrical requirement, battery life may become a problem. You may want to upgrade to the Optima Style Battery. This is what all the big dogs are going to for more battery life. When you look into this area you will also need to look at replacing the Battery mounting tray. You Slingshot model and year should be noted when purchasing the New Optima Battery Tray, they are a little different for different years. I have a video that will show the installation of the Twist Dynamics Optima Battery Tray on my 2017 Midnight Cherry Slingshot, This may guide you in just what you have to prepare to install an Optima Battery. Good Luck and thanks for watching my video.

    New Slingshot owners, I know you are eager to ride your new Slingshot with other Slingshot Owners. The more the better, new friends to pick their brain about what you need to learn. Well the king daddy of Slingshot Events is coming up at the end of this month, May, 2019. It is called, Slingshots in the Smokies. Held in Maggie Valley, NC. You will be among a good 400 plus Slingshots from all over. There are group rides scheduled, you may have missed out on getting into one of the many group rides, but hey, just go up and you will find many other Slingshots riders to share a fun ride. Now, I went in 2016 and 2017, have other things and will miss 2019. I stay in the Smoky Mountain National Park, Smokemont. About 6 miles north of Cherokee. Here is our video to show you what it looks like and how Gail and I unload the Slingshot, Snazzy. If you plan on trailering your Slingshot, this may give ideas of some of what is required.

    Gail and I got a chance to go for a ride and test our new idea of the Sip and Ride Feature for the Cup Holders. Gail is happy with the ease she gets to have frequent sips of her tea as we ride. I also need a lot of sips on these very hot days in Florida. We do not have a top so we get the full sun and our cups each hold 24 oz, Here is our video of the review for our Sip and Ride Idea.

    A new owner ask if I could come up with a better play to put a drink than in the cup holder. Too hard to reach. I have thought about this over the years, but have not put any time to develop an idea. Well, I have reached a point where I want to spend the time to come up with a solution to the Cup Holder location that will allow a cool drink while out riding around. Gail and I worked out this idea, she has the job of passing my drink to me for a drink. I think we have a workable solution and the drink stays in the cup holder location. You take a look and see what you think. Sometime when folks look at an idea it produces some thinking that reaches other solutions that will work also. This will work for Gail and I see what you can come up with.

    I have found that 1/4 ID Silicone Rubber Tubing works best for this project. you can route it like shown in the video and then just place the end of hose under seat belt strap across your chest for quick access. We got this hose from Amazon. It is food grade also, important to look for this when ordering tubing for this project.

    At some point you will want to raise the slingshot to work with the tires or get access to the underneath area of the Slingshot. I have this covered in several video showing the use of a Motorcycle Jack to raise the rear wheel and front wheels. The Motorcycle Jack from Harbor Freight is inexpensive, low profile for getting under the slingshot and it will not tip over. You could use a floor Jack if that is what you have. I also show the use of Race Ramps to get the entire Slingshot up at a level of 10 in from ground to frame. This is a safe way to work under the Slingshot. Do not work under the Slingshot with only the jack holding, use some Jack Stands for that purpose.

    Most reasons for raising the Slingshot are tire maintenance, adjusting the drive belt for alignment and tension. You can do an oil change with Slingshot on the ground, I have a video showing how.

    Remember to use wheel chocks to keep Slingshot from rolling while lifting.

    The Race Ramps are items I purchase to load and unload my Slingshot on trailer, I would not buy them just to raise the Slingshot. They are very light and work great for trailer, so, don't want you think you need them, they are expensive.

    I think the motorcycle Jack is the best tool for this job of raising the Slingshot. Take a look at some of my video for raising the Slingshot. You do not have to raise the wheels high, just enough to turn, about 1/2 " off the ground and make cleaning easy.

    Now that you have started reading the Owners Manual and have learned some things about the Slingshot start taking some nice rides. Gail and I take trips to neat towns like Mt Dora here in Florida. The trip from Gainesville is about 110 miles by way of back roads. We leave around 9am and arrive just in time for lunch. This time, I cruised the town and did a video. Mt Dora is a great place for some gift shopping of unique items, not just T-Shirt Shops. We ended up eating at the Let's Do Lunch Restaurant, featuring Lobster Roll , great lunch. Then walked the streets to look for some item that we can not live without. We found them. Ended the stroll with a stop at the Ice Cream and candy store for some Gelato. Then we took a different way home, Fast!

    It was very hot at about 1:30. Took a very scenic road around Lake Dora, Lakeshore Drive. Yes video link for you. If you are in North Central Florida and want a fun place to visit, this is it. Take a look. I am sure you have a place equally as nice.

    Took I-75 home, and traffic was traveling at 90 mph. Florida heat can make you want to get home quick.

    Take a look at our day! Oh, notice parking a Slingshot towards the end of the first video. Always attempt to back in or parallel park. Watch those rims. End up with the front tires cut back into the curb.

    Gail and I were in the Path of the the Solar eclipse of August 21, 2017, Cleveland, Ga. I took a flight with my drone to see how the eclipse looked with the horizon and mountains around the area. I increased the speed of the video to give the full effect of what a total eclipse looks like. It looked like total night time at the total time of darkness, the the horizon was light. Just wanted to share with the family for folks that did not get to experience this or capture it on video.

    Enjoy the show!

    A new Owner contacted me wanting to know my opinion about the Jump Port and the connection to the Alternator Positive Terminal. Now the under the hood Jump Port is a connection point for Jump starting a Slingshot with another vehicle battery when it wont start. Due to low voltage from run down with light left on. I have a Twist Dynamics under the hood Jump Port mounted on my slingshot. So far I have not had to use it. People want to know is the Small gauge wire from the Alternator to the Starter too small to start the Slingshot. Well, I ran the battery down till it would not start and made a video of the results. Take a look for yourself. Now I must state that is recommended for emergency starts of your Slingshot, Do not use it to jump another vehicle. You should also have a volt meter to check the level of the battery. If it is lower than 10 volts, you may want to connect another vehicle with jumper cables and let it charge the Slingshot up to at least 10 volts before attempting a start. the wire will handle the charging voltage, May take 10 to 15 min wait. You may never need this application, but it would be nice to have if your battery is just down and won't start.

    Here is the installation video of my Installation of the Jump Port.

    There has been some discussions at times, if the Drive Belt should travel across the pulley. My belt is adjusted properly for alignment and tension. As this test will show, the belt rides close to the left hand pulley lip as it should throughout the drive belt performance test. This is not a test that must be performed, just an indicator if all is working correct for the belt performance. I think the belt could travel if the alignments are incorrect or there is a problem with the swing arm or L-Drive. Just giving you a view of something you don't normally get a chance to see and clearing up something that maybe you have wondered about. Now hang on the back and watch the action, we are going for a ride.