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    Roberts has just sworn in all Senators for the trial to use facts and not partisan views. This means, you weigh the facts presented. This means, each senator if independent and not of a political party. This is our democracy at work and I hope it does work. I think that is how our congress should work. As we go through this trial, I hope our members will view each day and we meet back for a discussion and vote.

    Each Senator must sign the oath for be impartial. Just one I caught to sow.

    I feel each of our constitutional branches have a duty to our well being. When we find the branches are in difference, we need a way to settle the differences with the language of our constitution. I feel we are at that point in our 200 plus years. This will set the values for the future. Can a president do anything he wants to achieve what he believes is the best for our country. Folks, that sounds like a Dictator. I do not want one man to make all decisions he thinks is in my best interest. Congress is made up of many branches to direct our nation in a direction that will best value our people. If we do not have all our congress involved in major decisions, then, the presidents can go in a directions that may not be in our best interest, only his. We need protection from powerful wealthy people from getting into our democracy. Most of the people are not wealthy, we do not have the power of wealth. We do not want anyone to use our powers to gain over the people.

    I do not have any special interest, I am not a gun carrier, I do not have wealth, I just want to live, buy needs, and have a home and family, with a degree of safety. I would rather have a government that will help protect me and provide services that will help my family. I see a key factor in all this is the right to won weapons. I do not want the wild west. I do not want to have to pack a gun to go to town. I want laws to keep me safe without this wild west factor. Voters should be able to direct our congress to give us the safety we need. It is up to us as voters to guide our elected officials to our goals. I don't want o carry a gun, folks. I do not want all the gun violence against schools, churches and large gatherings. I have been heart broken over all the damage people have done to our citizens with guns. Sorry, I am very emotional about this.

    Folks, we have the power over all, our vote. one vote does not mean much, but many votes can change anything. I want to have our constitutions give us our Pursuit of Happiness! My thoughts from my heart! As the trial goes on, I will review the facts and make final decision, let's all do that.

    Majority leader is speaking about the House Impeachment chargers. I will try to inform of updated info as it becomes available. I will be following closely. Next date to start, Tue Jan 21st. The link below you will be able to follow any proceedings. Remember, we want to discuss results of the day and vote if needed when your views dictate.

    Folks, how can evidence, documents and testimony be blocked by the defendant. I want to hear all evidence for a case. Would you want to have a trial involving your interest and not have all people or evidence that would support your case. You would be very disturbed as I am. Do you feel the president should stop his administration from testifying. I will make this a question for our poll. Please, express your views on this, I just want to hear everything, how do you feel.

    John Roberts is being sworn in as the trial judge at this moment. History oath. Now all senators are being sworn in. They will view the trial as to facts only. Each Senator is ask to swear to it. Folks, this is an important part of our constitution.

    I would like Bill Martin bring the Politics Suck followers here to add their views that have been expressed for a number of years. I want us to express our views for the trial. It will allow us to view the facts and discuss them on our forum. We should all view the daily trial info and come back to make our comments. Vote each day, if your vote changes, you can change the poll vote to reflect. If you have addition questions that would help with expressing our views, let me know, I will add it. History here, let's jump on board.

    There's no way for this to not be a fair trial regardless of what side you're on. You can't turn the news on without seeing Pelosi or Schiff trying to get THEIR side out to the voters. Any good lawyer will tell you that you plead your case in a court of law not in the court of public opinion. The whole House "show" was just that - get in front of the voters in an attempt to influence their vote in November. They hate Trump so much (and have since before he took office) they made the charges personal when they added the "if convicted he can never hold any public office again". That is NOT in the Constitution that they all are waving and reading saying they have to follow it since it's their DUTY to do so. If they really wanted a fair hearing, they would have at least attempted to make it look somewhat unbiased and allowed the Republicans to have their witnesses testify. As a result, it was a vote to impeach (with the exception of two representatives) based on how Nancy Pelosi wanted her "people" to vote. Now that it's in the Senate, they can't stop crying about the process not being fair and if the Senate doesn't vote to remove him from office, then they are the ones who have ignored their oath of office.

    The Democrats have flubbed their way through what could have been an easy task. They have even admitted behind closed doors that this was never their strategy to have Trump removed from office, but a last ditch effort to try to gain control of the White House as well as the Senate in November. That would be the biggest abuse of power that we have seen in our lifetime. Be prepared for the left wing to give away free money to ever faction they can to assure they remain in power. Open the borders so more illegal aliens can drain our limited funds for everything from free education, health care, day care, child credit on their tax return (even if they don't pay any taxes), free Obama phones, $10 a month internet service and on and on. I think it may be time to take a hint that Whoppi Goldberg came out with 4 years ago - If the DEMOCRATS get elected, I'm moving out of the country

    It is good to hear all members views, thanks for sharing. It is the process that leads people to put their views in order.

    Members, this process is going to test our constitution. The house has the power of Impeachment. The Senate holds the trial. Politics will be a key factor as to how our congress votes. Their vote will be in order of how their voters dictates.

    The voter has the power to convince the elected officials vote. Politics should be out of the equations when you have a trial. Each Senator has to take an oath to be impartial. The Facts should be the only factor to evaluate. If we vote with political party views, we are a fraud trial. Trials are the separation of truth and justice. As the Senators go into trial, they should separate from political views and look at the facts as presented. All facts, new facts and anything that will either tell the voters what is correct or wrong. I want to know all facts. I want to hear all wittiness. I do not want anything excluded.

    I have created a Poll that we can post our decisions as these trials go on. I have conditioned it that you can change your votes as evidence changes you views. Let's all wait till the trial begins and each day make a vote. We will see how things go with all our members in their votes. I am going to watch it all and vote and if feels change will change vote.

    We are living a historic moment in real life that will be view way in the future. Let's see if we can make this turn out they way the people want. VOTE! You can click on any questions that fits your preferences.

    It appears, you can only change 1 vote at a time. You can vote on more than one question at a time.

    I have contacted both of my Florida Senators . I hope each of you will take my lead and contact your Senators. I feel, we are testing the constitution at a level that has never been address. We will get a chance to see the trial and make up our minds with the facts presented. I hope all Senators, will treat this as a trial and not a political venue. I feel the American People should tell our Senators how they feel. This will be the most fair way to come to the true outcome. Forget politics, let's try the facts, ALL THE FACTS, let's hear from any witnesses that have input into this trial. Now, you have your chance to express your points. New conversations for the trial.

    We are at a point of historic history. I have seen one site that seems to be the view of our Membership. I want to address this new era to begin a new area of our political process. I would like to see how we address the Senate Trial. I am also posting a link for all US Senators. I encourage you to contact your Senators to express your views on this matter. I feel they need to hear from us. Just to make it clear, I am Republican all my life. You can express your views, let's follow this and take in a historic moment. I will wait for the trial to end before making judgement.

    Folks, I am on my way out as I no longer own a Slingshot, but feel I still have a voice as I have contributed to the Forum with my Page Samowens Media and infor Section. I just want to leave with this new thread to see how our future moves. Let the Trial begin.

    Link to Impeachment Question Vote Poll. Post #3.

    Impeachment, let your Senator Know

    Let's all contact our US Senators and express our views as how they should vote. Make your thoughts be known!

    Not sure if anyone is touched on this and if I am being redundant in this thread sorry. Has anyone approached having a larger better easier to read gas gauge either analog or digital? Surely there is some kind of sensor coming off the gas tank to the front instruments. Has anyone thought of or actually set up and extra more readable fuel gauge? I for one would love to have one!:/

    Socal, I like to use the Fuel Range as a accurate gauge of how much fuel I have. My fuel consumption was consistent at around 28 mpg. So taking looks at that value gave me a good indication of if I needed fuel for my trip and where I need to stop to get some. This is just for added information, the fuel gauge would also be better than the bar gauge. I know there are some new owners that don't know what the black mode switch is used for, as I have been asked and had to do a video on it. So for anyone that does not know how to access the fuel range indication, here is a link to my Mode Switch Video

    Mode Switch Explained

    Thanks for the kind words, I will stick to my photo gallery to display my fun time. I did join the website you suggested and have posted my work. Thanks for that.

    I am not totally sure on this, but I believe the Traction Control Program is more directed to the rear tire. It is the wheel with power directed to it, so needs help with control under bad conditions. Electronic Stability Program is more directed to the front wheels. I know the ESP Switch has two functions. The action of pushing it with just a click of the switch turns off traction control. With Traction Control on, normal driving conditions, you can not do a tire burnout. You can squeal the tire, but traction control keeps it under control. Turn off Traction Control and you can do a full tire burnout. ESP is still active in this state, so you have stability control. To turn off ESP you have to push and hold the switch for more than 2 sec. This is why I think there are two systems to allow the Slingshot to be driven with a better degree of safety with only three wheels.

    People with more knowledge of the two system can correct me or add to a better understanding.

    With this thinking, it may be necessary to fully rule out a bad connection by seeing if it is safely possible to unplug the rear wheel sensor. It it looks unsafe or too hard to get to, maybe the dealer should be consulted and see if they could do it, or would do it. Once that is eliminated as to trouble, we have to rely on Polaris for a solution.

    Good luck.

    I never really installed my radio GPS head unit for any type of sound system. I was primarily interested in the satellite GPS and having a back up camera. Both are useless to me unless it is dark outside. Does anyone have any suggestions as far as having a unit that is usable during the day? I use my phone now for GPS and for mileage tracking through apps and in hindsight wish I had left the cubby in the center console empty because The radio unit may look good but it doesn’t do a darn thing for me now. Perhaps the best mod or product for 2020 would be a usable head unit that is readable during the day. I never thought I would say this mostly because of the inordinate amount of time and effort it took to install it but I am actually susceptible to replacing the unit with anything that would offer daytime usability. Any thoughts or suggestions?

    You can change the contrast to make brighter, look in the Owners Manual for the steps. It will help. The Audio Shade That Bigdog suggest is what I had and worked well under most conditions. Plus it makes the dash area look good.

    Yeah, there were rubber seals around the wires going into the plug, and then from the male plug to the female connector. Everything looks brand new inside the plug so no water/dirt there.

    I did get the light to come on 1 more time. Of course, I maaaaayyyyyyy have been sliding it around a corner at that time. It just flashed a few times then went right back off. :evil:

    That is find, it is just letting you know Traction Control played a part in your driving control. This is sounding good.