Some 2020 Updates

  • As i start working on this more I really am seeing so many small changes to the 2020. Here are some of the additional things I discovered.

    It has Euro turn signals, you know tap once 3 blinks. Man you don’t realize how nice that is until you don’t have it.

    When you step on the brake pedal it turns everything on! It even has a quasi security system now. Not sure what it does but it has one LOL. You can press lock and that will at least keep it from turning on if someone jumps in and hits the brake

    Prior year windshields will fit the 2020. The top of the dash did change somewhat but it’s not enough to stop from using the F4 off my other slingshot to ensure it fits.

    The center post from previous years fits as well Which was very nice to confirm. However it’s a little trickier to install. The radio bezel is now 1 big piece that has the radio frame and the lower switch gear all as one. There are 3 bolts to take out,1 top, one on each side, the top is not easy to get too because the dash now hangs over it. I thought the whole top of the dash might have to come off but a couple of screwdrivers to pry the lip and hold it up allowed me enough room to get to it. The radio screen falls back into the dash it doesn’t come out anymore like the old ones. Working on that part would require a lot of disassembly for sure. I was able to squeeze my hand in to get the posts lower plate in and secure it.

    Roofs will also fit as do the spoilers and wings etc. Almost anything for the rear should bolt up.

    The Mat kits, most of the pieces fit. The tunnel mats don’t the shape is different but the rest work just fine. I imagine they’ll be changing the floor mats just a tick because the floor is ever so slightly different. But old floor mats will work fine.

    Here’s a quick pic with some new goodies installed!

    Ride Command. Found out Saturday that Polaris hasn’t shipped the equipment to connect to the new system to dealers yet. It’s still at least 2 weeks away from coming so they can’t do any programming or setup like updates, the new PIN system to start it if your fob battery dies or update and setup the Ride Command System. Which is why mine is all messed up (or at least I hope that’s the reason). The tech said there is programming and setup and updates they always have to do during PDI for that system and they have been told to skip that step for now until the units arrive so they can do it.