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Attention Vendors. Please email any instruction manuals you may have for your products. They will be added to the FILEBASE tab for members to access.

    I'll add to the Synchrony Bill Pay option. I've been asking them for years to get a freakin online bill portal setup and still nothing. However great interest rate. For the longest Time I was calling in on the phone and doing the payment (which you can do but the account number is crazy long) then I was like that's silly I can just bill pay this puppy and be done.

    Thanks everyone its very much appreciated. I apologize I haven't been around here as much, with life moving the way it does I totally forgot about this forum and had just been posting on the other big one. I remember meeting some of you guys and gals at the first Maggie Valley trip Ivor put together.

    A small update, they did the cremation yesterday now to get the remains back home.

    In reflection a few things we've been talking about as we work through the healing process and try to understand what happened and why and just make some sense of it so we can cope with it in our minds and so we can learn from it. Maybe sharing this story will in some way help one of you. We aren't as young as we used to be, we aren't as flexible or nimble and many of us certainly can't take the knocks we did when we were younger. Maybe we'll slow down just that little bit, or be bit more cautious and maybe take a 2nd thought before running through deals gap with our hair on fire (which many of us, me included, love to do).

    The first one we had to be honest about (was hard to do) was a mistake was made that led to the whole incident, he lost focus for a moment, ran wide and off the road, the drop off at the edge is pretty steep (as you guys know who've been on that road) and when he corrected to come back we believe lack of experience in and the unique dynamics of a 3 wheeler, a bit to much over correction and it caused it to spin out when the rear tire came up the roads edge it acted a bit like a pit maneuver, it spun and exited the other side of the road.

    The 2nd was his age played a big factor we believe when it comes to the injuries sustained. It takes a bit of time to get rescue crews to such a remote area, you guys know how far out that road is (just remember that when you go through there like Andretti). The first responders there are amazing but it's a huge area to cover and they were there as fast and as safe as they could've done it. Nothing could've been done better on their part. Thank you to those that helped and responded the work you do is amazing.

    He was talking and conscious while rescue was on the way but ultimately his heart stopped when they got him into the ambulance to transport him, either just due to the shock and stress of what happened or some other internal injury. The slingshot landed about 30-40' down the side of a hill by one of the photog stands up against a couple of trees that kept it from going all the way to the bottom, seeing as his grandson was in the slingshot with him Bobby may have been burying two people that day had the trees not stopped it. His son ultimately was checked out at the hospital and was ok just really shook up and in shock but all told uninjured physically.

    I do want to address the Slingshot, I know a lot of people when something like this happens want to lay some blame on the vehicle. Potentially impact to the tree on the drive side may have caused the main injuries. The Slingshot did hold up very well given what happened. From the images he sent me it was fully intact and held together as designed, as did the seat belts (there was some beef couple years ago about the one side being bolted to the seat). In this cases everything stayed together. We all know there is some inherent danger in a more open vehicle and more exposure but after review it did hold together very very well you just can't overcome the laws of physics and G-Forces unfortunately.

    I've been thinking of it this way, if he was in a newer car would the result be the same, I would say maybe, modern airbags and safety systems can help a lot. Now he drove a C5 corvette, had it happened in that I believe the result would have been the same.

    I guess that's my way of trying to say I still feel the Slingshot as an alternative toy is still a pretty safe one to run around in and no matter what your doing be smart about it, use your head, know your limits and don't try to see how close to them you can get and if you've done all that then you've done the best you can. There are no guarantees for tomorrow.

    Be safe out there friends...

    It is with a heavy heart I post today. on August 9th I got a text message from my best friend that simply said "My Daddy died today". I didn't even know what to think or even what to say. This is my best friend and his Dad was like my 2nd Dad. I've known them for 35 years.

    Last week my best friend took his Father and his Son up to the mountains for a fun weekend before his son started back to school. On Friday Bobby rented his dad a Slingshot to go out and enjoy a day on the beautiful roads of the smokey mountains. That is when tragedy struck. His dad lost control of the slingshot on Deals Gap, went off the road and crashed, he died shortly after from his injuries. We believe he just lost focus for a moment, maybe looking at the photographers, briefly left the road and lost control into the trees.

    I'm trying to help them raise some funds to help get his Father back home from Tennessee and arrange a celebration of life ceremony where he can be reunited with friends and family. They never planned for such a thing and the expenses to get everything taken care of are heavy for the family.

    I've started a gofundme to help them out. I know how awesome the Slingshot community is and anything you can donate to help them would be greatly appreciated.

    Dontations can be made here Click here to support ROBERT MINIER SR MEMORIAL organized by Bill Morgan

    Thank you for reading and please ride safe, it can all go wrong so quickly and we just never know. I've attached a photo they took just hours before the accident. It was happy day to start for sure...

    Well I picked up the factory heat kit for my 2016. I'm not sure you all know but it's hotter then then Hades nuts here in Fl and the]at certainly doesn't help the slingshot or its passengers. Honestly it's a combo of a few things that have finally got cabin temps under control but this was a pretty big help all around.

    So here's a quick review. The good first. It's worth every bit of the $80 to get it. It really really does help. Even with cycles springs mat kit and some Dynomat and a custom plate to block engine heat it's still freak'n hot. The exhaust shield and radiator cover are a big plus in removing heat. Now the ebrake area doesn't cook your hand after riding in 95+ heat. Don't get me wrong it's warm still but not melt your hand hot. Kit looks good and since its factory, well it looks factory.

    The bad. Let me say for the record that I really want to kick some engineers in the proverbial sac with how they design stuff. You gotta pull the entire front end apart to do it. And even then it still doesn't want to go right in. Then they give you Allen heads to bolt it to the radiator and the way the lower radiator hose is bent you can't get anything on it easily so they don't screw on or line up very easily. Just think sitting there turning an Allen wrench a 1/4 turn at a time. Also 2 of the 6 bolts that drop the front you cannot get sockets on so get your wrench out to the tune of about 1/3 of a turn at a time. And of course Polaris used crappy grade bolts and nuts so everything strips or cross threads way to easy.

    Really that's the major gripe you have to disassemble so much crap to put it in. As a person who likes doing my own work it's a bit of a ball ache. But the finished product is definitely worth the aggravation of installation for the heat it takes out. And yes the exhaust is a pain as well but not as bad as the radiator shroud. Overall good buy for the price, works as advertised and does make a happy driver afterwards. Recommend dealer install if your not super handy LOL.

    Sorry didn't see a for sale section

    lookimg to trade my 1320 for a stock system. Just a tick to loud. Hoping for someone in the Tampa or surrounding area these things are heavy and expensive to ship. I have the one with all the baffles including their new baffle. Email or text me 7275102963. Good chance to upgrade your stick system for free!

    Damn would love to do N GA! I'm in sales so end of month is no bueno for me but if you guys are gonna be there all weekend I could come up Thursday night!

    I'm in for a track day! Plus 1 on firm been out there as well. Great folks and fun track. Chin doesn't last time I checked neither does FAST for autocross either which sucks. Road Atlanta Would be amazing with our slings.

    Technically they could go with something like a ford ecoboost 2.0 and would be lighter than that 2.4 Chevy motor and make more HP. Heck they could even do the 1.8 with turbo even smaller and still make 200hp easy. The 2.0 makes 252hp in the Focus ST that would be an amazing setup stock!

    Turned over 15000 time for another oil change. I'm in Tampabay as well. Got mine the last weekend in October 2015. I'll be close to 25-30k by the 1 yr mark. I daily drive mine when the weather allows. Sometimes even when the weather doesn't LOL. I'm actually selling 2 of my 3 bikes I just don't ride them much anymore. Always in the sling!