Anyone use the Corbin sadlebags? Weight concerns

  • Just curious about the bags, if you can call them bags. Very pricey but they look nice. The carrying weight listed for the SS is 457 lbs. The bags are almost 80 lbs. That only leaves 380 lbs and I go about 250ish... My wife ain't 130 anymore and no there is no we have no capacity left to even put anything in the bags or behind the seats. What's the most other have carried? Would aftermarket shocks up the load limit?

  • huh - so there's a carry weight limit for the Slingshot - who knew ... not this guy

    most people hate Corbin bags for their customer service - because there is NO CUSTOMER SERVICE after the sale

    We love ours - just returned from a 2 week 4400 mile trip and I love them as much today as when we got them

    I'm what most consider to be a model weight ... a petite 2XL model

    I've got the MadStad roof so I am well over the weight limit and JRI coil overs (PS coil overs should be your first mod if you plan on riding more than 20 miles in total)

    President, Slingshot Owners Group

  • I was curious because someone mentioned the weight limit on their spyder so I actually looked in the owners manual and its listed in the back as maximum load capacity(riders, cargo, accessories, options) 457 lbs.

  • Just wondering if Corbin ever fine-tuned the sloppy workmanship and quality control of these bags since all the negative experiences owners have had in installing them. I'm not interested in Mickey Mousing them to get a perfect fit, but I would shell out the rubles if they cleaned up their design. I know their CS is poor at best, but I can deal with that if the product was made solid. Any updates?