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    Great advise for everyone.

    My wife says she's looking forward, to a good finish, but wants me to take it slow and do it right.
    She did, however, seam a little concerned, that I may want to post some pictures.

    If she doesnt know the rules by now then shame on her...but pic are a must!! :thumbsup:


    What impresses me is that your reloading zone appears to be within reach of the dining room table. I can assure you that mine is not...

    Why not...a good sandwich while reloading is great confused-squared

    My first house had a workshop out back separate from the house. We had to downsize so I am now in the far corner bedroom. I do have a safety fire rated cabinet that all powder and primers go into. 4 fire extinguishers located around the room and it is kept lock and I am the only one with the key.


    SSREAPER, I've always called you friend proudly! Trust me, I had to restrain from going into a long post about all the reloading goodness the two of you posted LOL I haven't been able to start reloading the way I'd like with the limited space (hence the hopefully last home build on the horizon if it's God's will). The Dillon reloader was my first "one stop shop" when I went out looking out to upgrade reloaders from the Lee basic setup. My wife and I have quite a few the shelf and custom builds. So, it's a must that I get into some serious reloading to save money. I will use a friend's reloader to reload when I have time. I wish I could take over one of the bedrooms just for reloading, building, maintenance and storage...but that dream has been killed time and time again by the wife LOL

    Ok I guess your really going to hate me now then. :whistling: I have an entire 12x12 bedroom as my reloading and computer room. It needs a good cleaning right now but when I do Ill send you a pic just so you can drool endlessly. Best part is...My wife helped me design it :thumbsup:


    @War Hoop and @SSREAPER you two are my two new best friends (as I wipe tears from my eyes looking at that Dillon reloader) :D

    @Zorasmiles Im proud to be called your friend!!

    BUT REALLY?!?!? Your gushing over the dime a dozen Dillon and not the SUPER LIMITED EDITION LAR GRIZZLY in 45 WIN MAG?!?!?

    OK OK ... I want a Dillon too but only because I got my Grizzly

    What do you reload?


    If I lived in Canada, I would do my own reloading. BUT, I'd mold ice into the shape of bullets so there would be no way to trace the bullet to the gun rifling.

    Tried it...doesnt BUT I LIKE WHERE YOU ARE GOING WITH IT! :evil:

    even tried super cooling mercury into a solid but that didnt work either. The temp needed to keep the metal at a solid that is strong enough to use as a projectile keeps the gun powder from igniting. Fun to play with though...LOL


    When this whole subject started I questioned a sway bar being made from pipe instead of a solid bar because of the need to make it a spring. The replies were pipe can be made into springs. Just sayin...,

    That is very true...My pipe has alot of spring to it!


    Why on Gods green earth would you think I reload? Did the Dillon 650 give me away?

    Very VERY Nice!!! :thumbsup:

    When I get home ill send you a pic. 2 lee load-master progressives (9mm and 45 always). 1 lee Breech lock single stage (rifle and 45 win-mag). 1 RCBS GRAND 12 gauge and 1 MEC 9000 12 GAUGE

    Just a couple. :whistling::evil:

    I have been known to sway in quite a few bars after a few too many and I have been asked quite a few times by the ladies as to the thickness of my pole!! :thumbsup:


    @War Hoop ... You do your own reloading....we should talk sometime and compare notes. When I couldn't get 300 blackout brass...I was making them from 5.56 brass...cutting off the necks and resizing them. Even played with annealing them.

    I reload everything from .380 to 45 win mag and 12 guage


    Been some time for me to post up. Things I normally work on I can't really show just yet. This on the other hand was a lunch time mod to some used double bubbles. Never liked the way they stuck up so high. Testing to see how low I can go and just reduce buffeting but keep good summer open top air flow. Will test as is on the way home and dail in a cleaner cut this weekend.

    They may be a little on the tall side....might need to be shortened :rolleyes: