The 700 Club

  • As some of youmight know, I blew my honda up in Vegas earlier this year, rewbuilt the head and left the bottom end alone based on some bad advice from some of my close associates..(my guys that help me), and then we went to MV, I got to drive it on that Thursday of last week and blew it up again. I at least now know what happened and we will fix it correctly this time.

    I'm quite pleased with my past performance of my F-Motor, I found out that by listening to others whom I assumed had more knowledge than I did of this motor led to my motor's dimise. If I had stuck to my original build plan, I think I would not be having the issues that I am now having.

    I now know that by adding the thicker head gasket to lower the compression on the motor and also adding an aftermarket cam chain tensioner, I over stressed the cam chain idler gear bushing (#10 in the diagram), which failed and caused the cam chain gears to go all out of alignment and destroy my nice new head! Plus, the number 4 rear piston that got a "slight" bit of damage in Vegas was actually alot worse than we thought and I should have gone ahead and done a complete rebuild, but lesson learned.

    We will tear this motor down, salvage what parts we can, take my original record setting motor and rebuild it, and be back in business before the October 1/2 mile races in Ocala.

  • You are right there, but I'm learning the hard way... We will be adding a proper wastegate, going back to my original setup as a mostly stock S2000 honda Motor setup, and adding in ALL of the proper Haltech safety measures that were there but never setup in the begining because of my "time restraints" that i had put on Jamie Roy and Justin at SS Performance. My rush to have fun has cost me in the long run... no more, I will take the proper steps and make sure not to rush a projectjust because I want instant gratification.... My pockets are only so deep, and I just put a big A$$ hole in both with this last blow up and the start up of the fender projects, so I'll be more patient now, Thank You.