Most Curvy Road in Florida

  • Slinger and Slingets, grab in middle seat in Snazzy and buckel up for a Curvy Florida Road, Ozello Trl. This is a great 9 mile road located just south of Crystal River, Fl. There is Peck's Old Port Cove Restaurant to rest and have a great meal after your workout. The town only has a water tower and convenience store. This should condition our Florida folks going to SSITS Event.

    Florida's Most Curvy Road

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  • Boy do is agree with you. I live about twenty minutes from there and travel the Ozello trail often. Peck's has great food and you can eat outside overlooking the water. Always a great way to spend a beautiful Florida day. Just be careful on the twisties as near the end of the road there are some very sharp turns. Many reckless bikers have driven off the road into the marsh entering those turns way too fast.

  • Great video there Sam, especially like your selection of music to go with it. I don't know how you can stand all that blue sky and warm sunshine. Up here in PA it's overcast, drizzling rain and 49 degrees right now and I'm a little jealous!

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