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Attention Vendors. Please email any instruction manuals you may have for your products. They will be added to the FILEBASE tab for members to access.

    thank you for all your excellent opinions and input. I really appreciated it and took them to heart. I did trade in at Cycle Springs in Clearwater, Florida where I purchased my Slingshot and will pick up a 2019 1700 cc Vulcan Vaquero next week. Since they sell Slingshots I felt I would get a fair deal and I did and also saved over $900 in taxes with a trade in

    getting ready to trade in my 2016 SL LE black pearl with Slingshade roof. A Florida vehicle with 8500 miles in mint condition. Wondering what I might expect on a trade in on a late model Harley bagger or Indian bagger. Wife is ready to get back with me on two wheels so I guess the time is right.

    I have had no updraft issues with the holes at the back of the roof and like the air flow. Got to say that I get more complements on my SLing now that I have installed the Slingshade than before. It is also nice that my wife now agrees to ride with me and she approves of the roof.

    I had the hoops replaced and just drove home with the Black Pearl Slingshade on my Black Pearl 2016 SL LE. It is a perfect match and I am thrilled at the look and fit. No problem cruising up the Suncoast highway from Clearwater Florida at 80 mph.

    Getting my black pearl Slingshade installled on my 2016 Black Pearl SL LE tomorrow and so excited. Wife said this is my birthday and Christmas present. Thanks for sharing pictures in this thread

    Cannot wait until the next Philadelphia Eagles game as Malcolm Jennings has already stated that he will protest despite the order. Hope they order him to take off his uniform and kick his ass off the team. The fans do not want politics and activism to take over sports and it looks like the owners of the NFL might have seen the light. I still am not watching NFL football because it has generated such bad feelings. The visions of the cops as pigs socks are burned in my memory and will not go away.

    I use a full face helmet anytime I am planning on riding at a speed of sixty or more. My cap would blow off and the helmet saved my face one time on the highway when a rock kicked up from a truck and hit me square in the face.

    Mine was there as well but obviously we did not meet. I drove into Main Street and parked in the first lot on the right where the sign was posted that nothing but two wheels beyond that point. I enjoyed the event and surprised that I saw no Slingshots. Got to admit the Harley bikers liked my Slingshot

    Yesterday in an interview Obama called Hillary's email problem an "honest mistake". He has lost any credibility he may have had and is just a plain disgrace. So sad for our country and he cannot vacate the office fast enough

    Bill, I practiced criminal law for forty years and I am convinced that a federal grand jury would find sufficient probable case to issue a true bill of indictment on the evidence that has been released. While I proudly worked for the Department of Justice for four years and have the greatest respect for the Special Agents of the FBI, I am horrified by the actions of James Comey and Loretta Lynch and they do not represent the agencies I held in such high regard. While I was defense attorney for thirty six years I can say without hesitation that the years I served as a Federal Prosecutor were the best of my career and I can go to my grave knowing that I never prosecuted anyone I did not honestly believe was guilty of the crime charged. I can also assure you that on a number of occasions I refused to prosecute individuals recommended for prosecution by federal law enforcement agencies when I did not believe the law warranted such prosecution. The decision of prosecution is that of the United State Attorney and not of the FBI.

    As a former Federal Prosecutor I can assure you that this is evidence of attempted bribery, and obstruction of justice with a Congressional subpoena. This is a disgrace but will it matter in the corrupt government we currently are stuck with?????

    My bottle of Patron is in the freezer preparing for the debate. Going to buy the buttered popcorn and will refrain from throwing it at the television

    Thanks Pam, the you tube video of Dr. Ted Noll explains why you would get pneumonia as a consequence of Parkinson's Disease. I feel sorry for her, but more sorry for the country if the truth of her medical condition is not known before the election

    I have been called many names, but "deplorable" is a first. Hope all my fellow deplorables get out their vote. Panic is starting to set in and if you think this is crude, just wait for the debates. They will be "must see" tv, I am already hoarding up on the popcorn.