My nitrous setup

  • I recently put a 50 shot nitrous express NOS system on my Sling at the same time I also added the portet
    And polished throttle body and intake manifold from RRR.
    First please excuse my bad English it is not my native "tounge"

    I want to show you my nitrous express setup, if somebody has some questions just ask.

    I have a 5 pound bottle with a remote bottle opener and a heater placed in the passenger storage box behind the seat.

    Here is the remote bottle pressure gauge.

    Here are the switches for the remote bottle opener ( far left) next is the heater,
    The red switch is the arm switch and the blue button is to purge the lines.

    This is the window switch, you can program a rpm, and a throttle position to activate
    The nitrous. I set mine to 2800rpm - 6000rpm and WOT.
    What that means is when I am between 2800 and 6000 rpm and apply full throttle
    The nitrous is getting activated.

    Here you see the relais

    Her are the solenoids for nitrous and fuel and you also see the purge valve.

    To spray the nitrous with the fuel I choose a location right behind the throttle body
    On the plastic intake manifold I used a unused hose tube location.
    I cut the hose tube off and insert a plug where I screwed the nozzle in.

    I tapped into the fuel rail for the fuel

    I also installed a oil catch can. There was quite a bit of oil in the header when I pulled of the manifold. Oil and nitrous are not very good friends.
    That's it for now.

  • I am pushing 250 hp with my setup. CAI,tune,1320 header and exhaust ,ported and polished
    Throttle body and intake manifold from RRR.
    I don't like to activate the nitrous in the twisties but I also don't need to about 190-200 hp
    On the wheel is enough.
    But on a strait to activate the nitrous is a blast not far away from a turbo, but I never driven a turbo so I am just guessing. I also changed to one degree colder plugs.
    Overall it is a blast.
    I can also change the jets for a 75 shot the wheel will spin at 75 in third when you floor it.

  • Just got back from a 150 mile ride. Beautiful weather here.
    Had a charger rt revving up on me at a traffic light.
    I nodded at him and purged my lines. When the lights turn green he took a right turn.
    I guess I scared him off ;(
    Didn't even have to prove that my nitrous sling is faster. ^^
    Only bad thing about the ride, my bottle is empty. 8)