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Good weather and a half free afternoon allowed me to get my exhaust on. Thanks to Jeff Welter for taking my call early in the evening to answer a question!

Ceramic powder coated 1320 header from kev at https://allthingsslingshot.com/. He deserves a shout out and a plug for helping me save a bit of cash on ordering the exhaust system with his 5% points, a bit over $100 USD he saved me.

The ceramic powder coating was done locally by http://acepowdercoatinggarland.com/ and I highly recommend him. Ace is friendly and does an outstanding job.

Now that I have it installed, I kinda wish I had coated the cat delete box, but hindsight being what it is. The exhaust is a Welter 2.5" Dual also bought from Kev. I went with the 2.5" because I plan to go boosted some day, just not right now.


The Y pipe at the rear is coated as well and came out really good I think. It was late so the pics aren't that good without sunlight and using a cell phone, but I think you get the idea.


I have side panels and such to put back on tomorrow, but the exhaust is on and I got to hear it.

Oh, I also put on new lug nuts, the first box that were shipped to me were chrome (I ordered black) and the wrong thread size, but the replacements worked great. Thankfully Amazon is easy to replace/return items. It's hard to see them, black on black wheels, but I feel better having these vs the stock ones.

Tomorrow I start on the electrical work for accessories, jump ports and rear camera.