Rear camera

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  • wokka

    How did you run your wires to your rear camera.

    Im getting mine in soon and just wondering.

    • I think the best way to run it would be the same path that Polaris ran the rear wiring, through the driveshaft tunnel, but I couldn't find an easy way to access that, without removing all of the body and interior panels. I tried to access from below, but no joy, and I didn't want to strip down my SS like ericastar76 did in this video : Kudos to her, but no thanks.

      Instead, I removed the bottom panel at the back (the one that the license plate cover is connected to) and what I mounted the camera to, then ran the cable down to the battery box and under the the frame there. There is a bit of room as the frame enters the cockpit there. You can't see it unless you remove the side. I had seen this access when I had removed the passenger side to install the exhaust system, and while it may be daunting to remove the side, it's pretty easy and only takes a few minutes. There are numerous videos online about removing it.

      I then just ran the cable along the frame and zip tied it along the way up to the dash. Wasn't my first choice but it will do for now. If I'm ever tearing it down for something else, I may re-run it. My camera came with 20m of cable, so I have the excess zip-tied in the rear compartment behind the camera. I was going to put it behind the radio / head-unit, but it's already getting cluttered under there with all of the other wiring, and the front camera's excess as well.

      I did not wire the camera into the reverse wire, I chose to manually turn it on via my head-unit, so I can look at any time, for either camera. Mainly so the passenger can look if they want while I'm driving.