Electrical work

Can't really get any pics of this, or it wouldn't make much sense, so will describe and answer questions for anyone.

One of the biggest things that they missed in the electrical department was the lack of spare fuse capacity and while some vendors have some very nice stuff for plug and play, they seem a bit overpriced, so I built my own setup.

First up is the fuse block from walmart.com, I'm installing this in the glove box, mounted upside down against the top of the box, should be out of the way and still be accessible when I need it. The biggest drawback to this was the lack of a switched option and it's not water proof, so that's why it's in the glove box. For the switched option, I didn't need any always on connections, so I wired in a relay from ebay to the hot side. Of course, since I'm being frugal with this, I get relays that are wired incorrectly on the plug and their diagram is wrong, but once I figured that out, it's working as expected.

The fuse block also doesn't have a master fuse from amazon, so I added one before the relay. I wound up putting this in the glove box too, but originally I wasn't sure where it was going to go (possibly near the battery), so I ordered a waterproof one. In the end, wired in the positive to the alternator connection, so I didn't have run a cable all the way to the back.

So far, I have my head-unit and front camera connected to it, still have to wire in the back camera, radar detector, TPMS module and digital gauges to the fuse block, but those will have to be another day, all of them are going to require time to connect and time to design some mounts.

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  • I like the marine fuse panels that they have on Amazon. I think 2 circuit up to 12 circuits and water proof. The price is right also.