Texas Specialty Plates (personalized)

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This came up in a thread about Texas speciality plates, so figured I'd put all of my info here to help out others.

There are two sites to get plates from for Texas. It's confusing on how they lay them out, but most of the newer plates can only be ordered through the myplates.com site, which are more expensive.

This is how I find the plate I'm looking for.

Go to https://www.txdmv.gov/motorist…/specialty-license-plates which is linked off of txdmv.gov and it will show all of the plates, on the right hand side is the various categories, but if you click on something like Colleges and Universities, it will show plates from both TX and myplates.com.

I've found if I filter by type and leave out the my plates list, I can find the cheaper ones:


Check the Charity and/or Qualifying, leave the My Plates unchecked

Here is the cheaper plate from Tx and not from my plates:


and here is an example of one from myplates:


This all works great for cars, but you notice there are no motorcycle listings, which is what we need for our SS. Click order on any TX plate (not my plates) and it opens up another tab/window to a renew.txdmv.gov page that you can't seem to get to directly, but it has a Motorcycle and Moped :


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  • Great work Wokka! Wish I had seen this when I ordered my plates, but oh well.

    Of course "DARK SID" is still available for my truck . . . . (You know, to go with The Force on the SS) . . .

    • LOL, I like it. My plate is in, just have to find some time to head up to the tax assessors office and pick it up.