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    Hey all, managed to try to get some time off from this "retirement job" Marlene and I are going to be at Jonathans Creek and should arrive Wednesday. Not as much time as I had hoped for, but any day in the Sling is a good one. Look forward to seeing some old friends EjFord  dangerdarrell and making new ones! ericastar76 I have a minor wrench project installing some gauges if you run out of things to do :)

    I am really looking forward to this event. Been a year since I've seen some of you all.


    Dang, I'm such a follower, I signed up without reading any of the fine print. However, I read the list of the fine folks on the board of directors, and knew that they wouldn't intentionally try to screw me. … and I know where most of them live. There must be woods around their house too.

    rabtech , wasn't trying to be hurtful. I don't personally have too many issues. And the issue pre-dates the transition to the new forum.... Whenever there is a push to get people to sign up for the map, there is always a handful of folks who say they can't use it or can't figure it out. Plus, you are always going to have a certain percentage of the constituency who just doesn't want to play. That's all I was saying. Make it mandatory.

    On a separate note... Where you taking all those kids? LOL

    Ok, so that reminds me of the most tasteless, creepy joke I know... and I'll tell it anyway.

    An old man and a young boy are walking through the woods. The young boy looks at the man and says "these woods sure are creepy and scary". The old pervert says "yeah, you should feel sorry for me, I have to walk out of here alone..."

    I can understand the safety concerns and the idea of riding with a large group and helping out a charity.
    Send the charity a check and go for a ride on your terms.

    I can't believe that I agree with @Bigdog! I love riding with a small group of folks that I know their skills. I've not found that to ever be the case with charity events.

    Heck, I've even signed up for some "aggressive" rides at Sling events and heard people complain it was too aggressive.

    It is to each his own, ride your own ride. Enjoy. Life is an adventure. Live it.

    Bill, you nailed it. The offer was just too good to turn down. Shameless plug for the oil and gas industry. If you want to know why you pay so much at the pump... I have it figured out now.

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    I must post my regrets as my new job (so much for retirement ) has me relocating to Beckley WV for the near future. We are canceling our travels to Maggie Valley this year. Hope to see you all sometime.

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    Hmm, looked at @WOLF photos, my box was missing the hat :)

    Guys and gals, a fair and unbiased review of this product, uninfluenced by gifts/discounts or offers of cheap women and cigars...

    It comes packaged superbly. @lrobbi could save (make) more money by changing is packaging, but he will not.

    It installs in minutes. One of the easiest installs ever.

    It is secure. (road tested as speeds above 95 mph for extended time) I too made it whistle like @Rob the Slob but that was at speeds well above normal driving and I think it was a strange crosswind. I wasn't able to repeat the noise going home.

    It works. it works well.

    You can also add lights to it!


    Sorry you can't make it @Slingrazor... was bringing the oil cooler for a little parking lot install LOL. I'll put it on one day, just hadn't had the time in retirement. Sat home two days, got bored, went to work for an Oil and Gas company to make a few dollars for mods.

    Texas T should be rollin in around 2 PM. First stop... @SlingTunes for some sound.

    @Boomer I have a set of the original bags that I'd be glad to haul down for $75.00. Never used, don't like to shove them under my top. They are great looking bags though! Let me know and I'll throw them in the trunk.