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  • Love to hear from you

  • I'm on my way to Vail - haven't hardly been on forum past few days. Really miss talkin to you also. I'm going to assume your health has been good - I miss your comments as well - stay on forum so we can keep up!!

  • Where ya been buddy!! I was asking bout you the other day. Hope your doing good / keep in touch

  • Steve, I glad I called. PLEASE don't worry about tuff to 'talk' --- I just wanted to check in and figure out how thing were going. some where along the line I will figure out how to work everything on this site.
    Just learned the one on the dark side and now have to start all over again.

  • I just found out a few hours ago and I'm working on rescheduling a bunch of things. THANKS EJ! - will let you know by this time tomorrow.

  • Steve are you hoping to make it to SSITS? I still have the room in my nave so we can make some thing work I you are coming in with a friend. I will need to cancel soon to be fair with the motel. Aaron (BlackDeath) are planning on sharing a room.

    My e-mail

    The e-mail I will see.....

    • Jason and I will be riding together and although you have always been my 1st choice I would like the reservation. As you know they don't understand my telephony so once again I'm asking for your help. How can we make this work my friend?

    • Steve, I will be in on Tue, 31 May probably between 3 - 4 pm.
      The easiest thing to do would be just to keep the room in my name until check in and than in person change the names and account info. I think my reservation cost was just a little less than yours was. That should work with no problems...
      The motel just wants to know it's getting paid.

    • If you and Jason want to call --- that might work. My office/home 219-324-3459 My cell 219-363-4562

    • I will pay and you will never be sorry. Believe it or not Shon (Asuntion) broke her leg and is the hospital today. (Stuttgart)

    • I'm still finding out the details.

  • Retired Science Advisor for the US European Command, Stuttgart Germany. I lived in Germany for almost 20 years. I'd still be there if not for the ugly "C"
    Lovin the retired SW Florida life!