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Attention Vendors. Please email robert@rabtech.com any instruction manuals you may have for your products. They will be added to the FILEBASE tab for members to access.
  • I see that you are talking brakes on tds. I have been running the Hawk 5.0's almost since day one, well at least after SSITS15. I have been thinking about going to the ceramic to get rid of the dusting. After listening over there I think that I will stay with the 5.0 pads. There is a big difference between the stock pad and the 5.0. I am still running the stock rotors without the heat problem some other's talk about. ( to much time on the brake pedal ) But then again I do not use the brakes like everyone else, just a quick stab and go is how I ride, the same way I have done for years to compress the suspinsion for the curves. ( four wheel and 2 wheel )

  • Waiting on my Welter exhaust. Any tips on getting that trans mount out? Any help would be appreciated as I am "flat backing" it. Thanks

    • I cut the 2 studs off almost flush with a multi-cutter. Then lifted transmission up and unbolted at transmission and slid it all out toward the rear.

  • Thanks for the correction on the Warrick. I was looking at the nameplate when I typed it, and my mind still overrode what I was seeing. Crazy.