THE DEFINITIVE thread on Slingshot Electrical Switches

  • Our site suppliers do a great job. And you can find the official Slingshot electrical switches at their sites for a fair price.

    But their selection is limited. They have the basic switches (on/off and momentary) that will cover your basic needs. Well, what if you want something different?

    Turns out the official Slingshot switches that you would get from Polaris are actually the Otto brand K1 series of switches. And there are ALL KINDS OF OTHER OPTIONS.

    • Did you know you can get them in different colors? Black, Red, and White are all available.
    • Did you know you can get them with lights? Red, Green, Amber, and Clear are all available.
    • Did you know you can get them with words or symbols? Headlights, work lights, fog lights, words, arrows, batteries plus more are all available.
    • Did you know you can get them in different orientations? Want them to say OFF/ON instead of ON/OFF? Wanna turn them sideways?
    • Did you know you can get them in different voltages? Anything from 2V to 24VDC is available, including 125-250VAC.

    Now, if you want to get really crazy with these, you may be subject to minimum order quantities and higher pricing, but they are available if you want to pay for them. I'm not going to provide a particular supplier link but if you Google them, look for the mouse. Oh, and watch out for counterfeits on Amazon/Ebay/etc.

    Here's some common ones you could use on a Slingshot and a possible usages**:

    • K1-ABAA: Standard SPST (Single Throw) On/Off. Use for lights, seat heaters, etc.
    • K1-ABFA: Standard SPDT (Double Throw) On/Off/On. Use for 2 things that you never want running together, such as fog lights and high beams.
    • K1-ABCA: Momentary SPST. Use for garage door opener.
    • K1-ABEA: Momentary SPDT. Use for airbags up and airbags down where you can control the fill level.
    • K1-PA2Z: Blank plug. Not a switch, just a filler for the hole.

    **For those of you who have found the info, you'll see that the part numbers are actually 8 digits after the "K1", not just the 4 I've shown. The remaining digits are for the lights, and orientation and you can get really crazy if you want. I'm not going to list all the possible options, but just realize it should be "AAAA" for the rest of the part number if you just want them blank without lights.

    *** And just to be clear: I have absolutely no affiliation or interest in any of these companies. I am just trying to pass on information I have learned.

    Good luck, have fun, and show us your projects when you do them!