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    The swamps are getting pretty and green for sure..............but the love bugs are hatching and they are not practicing social distancing. Hate them stinking bugs.

    They will mess up your paint, too. Took the sling to Key West last year and had rode through clouds of the damn things. Made the mistake of not washing them off at the end of the day. Permanent damage to the finish in a few small spots on my hood.

    Had to go to Walgreen's, Food Lion and the UPS store yesterday. The weather was beautiful, so took the sling. Lots of cars and bikes on the road, but everywhere I stopped most people were complying with the social distancing guidelines and many where wearing masks and gloves. Given the fact that DESPITE all the closings, stay at home orders and social distancing, Covid is STILL managing to kill more people per day in the US right now than any other single cause, I think most people are willing to disregard the fact that the states rights to impose these restrictions might be a legal grey area.

    Definitely to stiff my part is only 1.2 mm here is the STL file

    Thanks. Going to give it a whirl tonight. I just cut one from the pattern Glowforge gave it's users (only acrylic I had was clear.). It's really stiff an seems too short....

    Just found surgical mask strap on the internet, so I'm playing with my 3d printer to see how fast I could make them and give them away to my pharmacy and friends. This way the masks don't have to go behind your ears (less pain) This was my first attempt. They are made out of ABS material and can be disinfected.

    You have a link to an STL file? I have a Lulzbot Mini. I might give it a shot. I got a pattern to make basically the same thing on my laser cutter, but it's designed to be cut from 1/8 acrylic sheet, and it seems to me that that that might be too stiff.

    seems to me you negotiated the wrong way

    No doubt about that. I was going from 2 to 3 wheels because I had just been diagnosed with Parkinson's, and to make matters worse the med they put me on can cause compulsive behavior (which I didn't find out until after the fact). Probably not the best head-space to be in to make big financial decisions.

    I just ran up to my doctor's to give them my new insurance card. Yeah, they made me come in for that. X/ Oh well, at least there was plenty of parking.

    That reminded me of an incident back in the early 80s when I lived in San Diego. Girlfriend and I went to La Jolla Shores park one night after it was closed (there were no barriers to enter the parking lot) pulled up into the closest space to the beach, turned the ignition off and sat and drank a beer, chatted and listened to some tunes. Only car in the parking lot. LEO pulls up behind me and proceeds to write me a ticket for parking in the lot after hours, for parking in a handicapped spot and for open container. Also wrote her one for open container too. I considered fighting the handicapped spot ticket since the lot was technically closed so in my mind no handicapped person could legally use it at the time. I was advised not to fight it. Don't recall what the total cost off all those tickets was but it definitely put a dent in my beer money for a while. :cursing:

    Actually Spanish Flu and German Measles are in medical literature. It has become an issue recently as political correctness has become more pervasive. In this case the media used it until Trump used it then it was used to attack him.

    Dunno then. Didn't realize the media was calling it the Chinese virus. I usually saw it referenced as Covid-19.

    That kind of reminds me of the Christmas truce during WW1. In some cases French and British soldiers actually played football with the German soldiers.

    Still can't figure out why calling it the Chinese flu is racist, but there's no such sentiment about the naming of Lyme Disease (after Lyme CT) isn't.

    Maybe because "Chinese" describes a group of people where "Lyme" describes a place. China, or Wuhan virus would make more sense and be more accurate if we're naming diseases based on their point of origin.

    EDIT: Besides, Lyme disease is probably referred to by that name because "borrelia burgdorferi" doesn't exactly roll off the tongue :P