1320 muffler with Tailpipes out back

  • I Have a 1320 muffler and put 21/2 dual pipes to rear of Sling with 3in. dual tail pipes The shop welded a Brace for tailpipes to the Frame (Making the pipes and Muffler One solid unit) I feel a little vibration in seat but not bad Plus getting a small rattle in 1320. My Question is since the springs are Tight and the 1320 does not move freely anymore What Or will it damage anything ? Thanks!! .(Pics shows Installation)


    Changed the title of the thread from “1320 muffler” to “1320 muffler with Tailpipes out back”.
  • You will eventually scrape those pipes on a big dip or large speed bump. It is not advised to run pipes under the frame rails for these reasons. Other than that it does look rad and unique.

    Essentially you just reduced your ground clearance by 1/3.

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