2017 SLR seat covers sagging

  • i was curious if anyone else is experiencing the seat covers sagging around the head rests? along the lower portion of headrest where it tapers to a V it is just hanging there and looks crappy. i noticed that the seat covers are stapled in place.

    Is there any way to fix/repair this w/ out destroying the cover?

    would this be a warranty item?

  • I have them and noticed it as well. Yes removal of the Staples will be required for the trim as well as the seat cover. 3M adhesive spray will be required. When I get the time I plan to fix mine this winter.

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  • Let us know if you find a good fix. My 16 and current 18 had/have the same sag. They seem to be that way from factory. I'm thinking they may require a bit more padding, but hard to tell unless you take the cover off. I know from experience with a motorcycle seat that a regular hand stapler isn't powerful enuf to penetrate the plastic. Had to take it to auto upholstery for stapling.

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