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Attention Vendors. Please email any instruction manuals you may have for your products. They will be added to the FILEBASE tab for members to access.

    Congrats on your new SS. I have an '18 and after the first 300 oil change, I did the next at 5k, then 10K, 15K, etc. Easy to remember.

    Always good to have options ?so folks can make their own choices. I thought I'd like a paddle shift on the Vanderhall and paid extra for it. Turned out, I didn't like it any better than on a car. Seemed too much the same. Went back to Slingshot and much happier. As they say "diff strokes......"

    I do think the new motor will be a nice change and with a 4 year warranty, whats to lose?

    I think the market for SS has become relatively saturated. Same thing happened with BRP Spyders so they introduced two new low priced models to bring in new riders. Like Polaris, they had hugh rally's sponsored by the manufacturer in the early days. Now, these rally's have become smaller and smaller and vendors have gone out of business. If Polaris would update the design and get the automatic out it might bring in new (younger) folks. Sadly the Sling is not selling good anymore and dealers have to rely on quads and/or two wheelers. ;(

    I haven't seen you on Trike-Talk in a while...?

    I look at it once and awhile but since getting my first Slingshot in '16, not so much.

    After attending the last Spyder rally in Maggie Valley early Oct with my buddy who rides a '14, it got me interested in the new stuff BRP is cranking out. Not enuf to want one, mainly due to creaky joints, but enuf to miss my old '14 RT. :)

    I like this forum also but read the other one as well. I had no trouble navigating the other when it changed formats. It does have a handy button for new posts since last visit so I don't keep rereading threads. I think a problem for all of us is that attendance has fallen off. Wondering if that is symptomatic of falling sales? And a decrease of vendors?

    Having been a former Can Am Spyder owner, I read that forum as well. It still seems very active which I believe has to do with BRP introducing new varieties of trikes. My buddy still rides his so we go to rallies for both.

    Many thanks to you all and especially to Edward who provided such great details. Seems pretty obvious there is no way I can make it fit my +5 windscreen so I'll let go of that idea. Like Edward, It would probably spend more time hanging on garage wall anyway.:)

    Has anyone installed this Top with an F4 +5 Windscreen and still have it open fully? I've emailed MeanSling today to see if he knows, but thought I'd ask here as well as on the other fourm. Without actually seeing one, it seems to me that perhaps the rear mount could be mounted higher (would require some fabrication) which might allow the top to be mounted a bit further back, thus making enough space forward to tilt it up.

    @ulflyer.I think I remember the guy.He worked for Alpha who at the time they were handling the JRI shocks.Unfortunately Alpha are not in business anymore.

    I think his name might have been Henry. Nice guy. He and a lady helper could whip out a laser alignment in short order. Hope you find a laser vendor; can guarantee he will be booked solid.