Massachusetts or Rhode Island Slingshot Owners post up here!

  • I am interested but my schedule is inconsistent / can change any given week but I can say that I work Sunday's no matter what and should have Saturday's off except for next week. So I should be able to make a Saturday right. The dates you have listed aren't right... July 9th is a Monday / July 10th is a Tuesday.
    To get more interested you could check out the Northeast Slingshot Group on Facebook. This area here doesn't seem to have a big local following

    If it rains on the scheduled date, it will be on the next Saturday and if so I hope you can join us!

  • We are getting quite a response to this ride to Petey's and it looks like more than 10 slings at this point.

    We might need a second team leader because it's likely we will get separated at some point with lights and stop signs. Just want to make sure we all end up in the same place.

    I'm working on a print out of the route, addresses, and phone numbers. I hope somebody steps up that morning and volunteers to be in the middle and lead the second pack should we get separated.

  • @BlackDeath @MaineSS

    Let me know if it's a definite go for either/both of you. We now need a headcount because we are too many for Petey's and I need to make reservations for lunch.

    Also, there has been a request from 4 Slings coming from Connecticut to move the meet time to around 11:15 to allow them time to get here. Is this OK with everyone?

  • Ride meet time is a definite for 11:15 on Sunday July 1.

    We have 15 slings! We need some blockers to get us all through the red lights ;)

    It's supposed to be 95 so bring lots of water and sunblock. Be aware that MA requires helmets although not strictly enforced.

    Restaurant or restaurants to be determined by which ones can accommodate 30 people....

  • Everyone,

    We are going to change the restaurant to the Beach Plum in Portsmouth.
    Great food ratings but no water view. Plenty of parking, counter
    service (making the payment logistic a lot easier for such a large
    group), picnic table seating inside and
    outside, a Phantom Gourmet pick. This will also allow us to travel the
    entire Route 1A coast so we don't miss any of the gorgeous view. Here's
    the Phantom Gourmet's video and review: