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  • Hey, where are you at in Mass? I used to drive to Boston all the time. Haven't been out in a while. I'm in Albany NY, so 30 min. outside of Mass.

  • I made it home safe brother! I have been busy since I came home.. I just left a long post under the SSITS. Let me know when the video is up.. I have to finishing with my videos too. Waiting on the full time position interview, we will see! Talk to you soon!

  • Hey buddy - you get home safe? Got some video of you but I am having trouble getting it uploaded.
    Hope everything worked out with the job - be safe

  • Glad to hear you are doing good. Hang in there, your a smart guy and something will break for you soon. We haven't been ridin much - just too damn HOT!! Gonna go to Eureka Springs rally in Sept then on up to see EJ Ford in Indiana then on up to Michigan - after that - who knows. Miss you - stay in touch!!

  • Where ya been bro?? Haven't seen ya post much. You doing ok?

    • Hey Bill!! Nice to know I am missed :) I have not been posting much lately. I am starting to gear up more to find a job, starting to feel the pressure. The money I spent on mods before and after the trip didnt help haha. I have all the time in the world right now just not sure where the road is going to lead me. I have been trying to hold out for this investment opportunity with a friend of mine but it is taking longer than expected and I feel it is 80% but nothing is guaranteed. Wish I came down to see all you guys for the 4th but money is very tight, hopefully something comes through soon. I will give you a call sometime soon to catch up. Hope you are feeling better, miss you guys!

  • Aaron

    My dealer doesn't know anything about the service bulletin for the steering fix.
    Amazing how some dealers are in tune and some are not. Hope your guy can help.

    Colette says hello - looking forward to riding together again soon


    • Steering fix was applied and the steering feels nice and tight. I however am waiting for my tranny to be fixed. Apparently their is fluid that leaked and I believe internally because I have never seen a puddle..weird noises and shifting hard on and off.. I dont know if it is the slave cylinder pump or master cylinder but they are checking it out.

  • Hey Buddy

    How you doing?
    Still on the road?

    • I am doing good thanks. My slingshot took me 3 hours to clean it was filthy with stuck on dust and dirt from West Virginia, worst it has ever been. None of it blew off after my 8 hour ride home haha

      Everything go smooth for you getting home?
      So I have been told they are replacing the screw that tightens down on the steering wheel shaft to fix the loose steering. My dealership has done 10 of them so far and said it works flawless and he said if he bet it wouldn't work he would have lost that bet. I also am going to have my Driveshaft/Ujoint replaced under warranty.

      I still need to do that little fix to the mudflap and install some of that foam rubber trim I bought.

    • Any chance you can get me the service bulletin # for that steering fix - mine is really bad
      Glad you are home safe - it was great meeting you wish we had spent a little more time together but things were crazy
      Hope to ride again soon

      Be Safe

    • I just put a call into my guy at the dealer. I also need to have a Ujoint/driveshaft fix.. As soon as I find out I will get you the info.

      Thanks, you as well. Yea things were a little crazy haha. We will definitely ride again soon and hang out. Talk to you soon, tell your wife I said hi


  • Hey buddy

    Great hanging with you in MV. I know you are on the road for the next few weeks, just remember if you are in south central VA and you need anything you have my number. My shop is always open to slingers.

    Travel Safe My Friend

    • Hey!

      Sorry I have been trying to settle back in and take care of things since I have been gone. Almost there! It was great to meet you and hang out. Thank you for extending the invitation.. If I had more time I would have stopped by to hang out. I have cousins in West Virginia I had not seen in almost 30 years. I drove a total of 4,235 miles! Are you going to the event in Up State New York?

    • Can't make the Adirondacks but I am going to Georgia with rabtech and Kenny h late July. The upstate new Yprk gig is the week before my event and I have to get everything set up.

      Let me know how it goes

    • Nice I am going to see if I can make it to the Upstate New York.. Hope you guys have a good time :)

  • Yes leaving at around 8am should be around 4hours driving

  • Y'all coming in tomorrow ??

  • We are on Nashville. Painter , SlingRider, DKF. We just ate dinner :)

  • ??? Where are y'all at????

  • I'm having raw meat with DKF

  • Where are you brother - are you at Jonathan Creek???

  • Aaron, Cape Sling had some medical and $$$ problems, his reason for not coming. I need to cancel my room, will probably do it Tue.

    Looking forward to the SSITS...

  • Hey there, No one else spoke up for a need so looks like we are good.

  • Aaron, Good Morning. Looking forward to SSITS. Are we still on for rooming together in Maggie Valley. Just checking probably going to cancel my other room in a day or two.