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    No, the factory seatbelts are made to go around the seat/over the shoulder. Braum makes a specific protector for the seat just for that. The holes at the tops of the seats are designed for harnesses.

    But I see the seatbelts going through the right hole in the Braums. So what's the scoop?

    It's all good. I got the dash on and the radio installed. Thanks!

    Here is another picture that was posted and it defiantly goes behind.

    I've had people today actually take their panel off and send me pictures and theirs is in front (but did they ever take their dash off and then put it on that way?). I'm going with Rabtech and these pictures and putting it behind. not tonight I've had enough for today I'll end up in the looney bin over this stuff!

    This is just two things I have notices in your pics. I am looking for better pics of how it sits on the top of each side.

    There isn't much of an inside left. I trimmed my dash and left it up to someone else to put the kit in. To get it to fit, they trimmed those lips down to about nothing. I finished putting the dash on last night, guess I will go out there and take it off and see if it will go inside what's left of them. Thanks for the heads up.

    I just made an aluminum tab longer than the stock one.

    Used the stock mounting screw and a small screw thru the plastic then the tab. Worked like a champ

    It is on the bottom and you can't see it, a little black pint and you are good

    I'm just getting to this project today, and I have found the tab is lost. So this looks like it will be the solution. I'm going to search the internet for a suitable aluminum tab.

    Have to attach this to my new dash (picture shows the backside). I recall when I took this piece off my old dash it was horrible to get it off, so I assume it was somehow glued.

    I don't think double stick tape will work well for this piece. What do you recommend?

    I have the SSV Works kickpods and had basic marine 6.5" speakers in there that were fine. I just upgraded to JL speakers that I bought from a friend who is putting competition speakers in his slingshot. They are nicer speakers and sound great.

    But the screw hole placement on the JLs are weird. They don't really fit the pod (the hole is just about too big - we did drill screwholes for the JL but they are half into the hole so they would be barely in there.

    Also... the JLs are smaller in circumference and the previously drilled holes show.

    I ordered spacers which I thought would cover the holes and at the same time allow for more secure attachment of the JLs. When they came... same thing. The JL screwholes are odd and will not work with the spacers. The spacers don't cover the screw holes. I researched a bunch of other spacers and they all seem to have the same circumference for 6.5" speakers.

    Now what. Any thoughts before I head down to the local audio place to see if they can make something? Sheesh all I wanted was upgraded speakers, and it turns into this. But that's the norm for me.



    Between the weight on top, being in the sun, and hitting it gently with the heat gun got it almost to the angle it should be. I took it off this morning. Letting it sit in the sun again, then will do the process over and it should be good to go.

    I agree, I got a dash that was stored at the bottom of a pile and the weight pushed it out of shape. What a maddening thing this was.

    If I could just stop seeing new mods, I would save myself a lot of trouble and frustration............