Waiting for 2nd Recall letter

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  • I went to my dealer in Manitoba as soon as I heard the recalls were coming. I printed off my fix list from the website and took it in. I then got my first notice right at the end of October.

    I finally got my second letter here in January. Think it was week 2 of Jan if memory serves me.

    I finally got notice last week that all my parts are in and with a little co-operation from Mother Nature, I will be taking my Sling in for all the recalls this Thursday.


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    Might be a bit of a chilly ride though, lol.

    Dealer figured that I would "Want to do this in the Spring" I told him "Hell no, you'll do it now, I want to be riding in the Spring" lol

  • Have to wait for the weather to get better here before I can take mine in. Hopefully the rear wheel will get fixed and stop making that annoying squealing sound.

    You've got a squeal happening? Any chance you have a recording of it?

    Belt, angledrive, or bearing related do you think?

    How knowledgeable is your dealer and mechanics? Here I find I take a lot of info to them simply by what I find here in the forums. My mechanic is getting a lot more familiar with the machine and he's been getting better tools and training. But they were simply too new for him last year. I would imagine all these recalls will make him an expert real quick though, lol