For me, the brakes on the base Slingshot are pretty weak. It just seems you have to push pretty hard to stop this light vehicle, a lot more than most smaller cars. It's almost as bad as my F350 dually.

In an effort to resolve this, I was advised to get the DDM Brake Master Cylinder Support which helped, but not enough.


I'd love to replace the calipers all the way around, but there are only two kits that I'm aware of, sells one, and DDM has another, big brake kits, but they are expensive and require bigger wheels, 18" or bigger. I like my 17" wheels all the way around, so that's not an option.

For now, I'm trying better pads and upgraded rotors. The DDM upgrade kit looks good, but isn't in the budget right now, so went on the hunt for something else. has a nice EBC based kit, which led me down my path.

So went searching and found this at EBC's site :…ngshot-sl/2015-2016/56573

Their retail locator lead me to this site :…ngshot-base/15-17/2010301 which gave me some additional part numbers, which I searched for on Amazon and got these two :

Rear :

Front :

Amazon delivered them in 2 days, even though they were not prime. Rear kit is on the left, front is on the right. Different boxes, but part numbers match up properly.


Here is the OEM on the left and the new one on the right.


Here is the new rotor in place with the OEM pads. Its advised that you bed in the new rotors using your old pads (break in).



After bedding in the new rotors, I installed the DDM Upgraded Hawk Brake Pads In case you don't know, the rear caliper has to be compressed with one of the newer Disc Brake Caliper Tool that turns the caliper as it is compressed. Also, the one I borrowed from ABC Auto didn't have the right connector to fit into the two holes in the caliper for turning, I had to rig something up to fit it and compress it.

I'd love to upgrade the calipers, but in order to do that, it will take some custom mounting brackets as well as custom connections on the brake lines from what I understand. If someone knows otherwise, would love some details.

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  • There has got to be a car wheel that is the same as the slingshot. I keep searching but always come up empty.

    • You mean car rotor? I don't think so, since even EBC is making them to fit the slingshot and it has a part number for it.

    • yes I meant to say rotor. Like when searching sites they always ask year model ect..... Would be nice to be able to do that. had some I wanted to check into if only I had the option of putting in a car with year and model I could use.

    • Knew I had seen some info about the rotors somewhere, this is really old info, but I don't think it has changed :…t-lead-engineer-pt-3.399/

      The engineer said that the brakes were developed by Polaris, so they won't match another vehicle.

    • Well aint that just a kick in the nuts. These stock brakes suck, sometimes it feels like I have no braking left, it is a odd feeling. I am thinking the rout you went is the best way to go as far as price and quality.

    • I've since removed these as well and went with the DDM big brake kit. It's quite a bit more expensive, however, you can definitely tell the difference.

      I don't think the rotors really made that much of a difference, and my advice is to go with the Blackhawk 5.0 and the master cylinder brace at a minimum, if you haven't already, unless you want to go with the big brake kit :)