Remote battery jump ports

I've actually had more people interested in my pieced together remote battery terminal jump ports than expected, and asking about the parts list, so here it is and will try to form this so the links can be permanent. Ebay links will eventually stop working, so grabbing pics for long term archiving.

This is my own design from pieced together parts found online at ebay.

Ebay Battery power junction post


Ebay 4 AWG copper battery cable


Ebay Battery Cable Insulator Boot - may be optional, I wanted it for peace of mind


It's possible I could have gotten them elsewhere a bit cheaper, but then I'd have to drive around, etc. Time == Money for me

Hardest part of this install is attaching the leads to the battery. The 2019 battery on mine has a bolt/nut combo and once you pull the bolt out, the nut falls down in it's enclosure and you have to raise it up in order to get the bolt to connect again, kinda hard when you are trying to hold multiple cables in place and put the bolt in.

I used a 1" hole saw for the remote terminal posts, and it was almost too big, so I suggest measuring instead of guessing like I did :) Slide your seat forward before drilling, if you use the same spot I did.


This location comes out right behind the drivers seat near the floor. Nice out of the way spot in my mind, and easy to get to by sliding and leaning the seat forward.


Let me know if you have any questions on it.