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    They're not really pets but this pic is out my back door this morning. Pic was taken looking thru a screen so not a good pic. There are five that have become regulars, four in pic. I think they're all bucks but just starting to develop antlers. One has about three inches of growth. Fun to watch.

    And for those concerned YES baiting is legal here and NO I won't be shooting any out my back door. Too easy

    Today started out good. Mowed a good share of the pasture. Then it happened. I got too close to a little creek, sunk the tractor up to the axles, and found a way to get a stump wedged between the mower deck and rear tire. This one's going to require several shots of bourbon and maybe a joint to come up with a plan.

    The bucket is half full of water

    I feel your pain.... Been there done that, not good memories :rolleyes:

    I am hoping that the weight is a mistake since 50 seems a little heavy....

    Never buy the quarts since it's always more expensive and more of a hassle, the gallons are easier to storage and easier to put old oil to take back for recycling and by your deal 7 bucks cheaper.

    Haven't researched 2020 slingshot oil but they have PS4 that I use in my sportsman that is 5w50 so makes since for them to use it in all models

    Hell I would love to go to Maggie this next August, but no way I want to drive that far and my wife? - - yea, thats not happening. I could fly out, but whats the point?

    from a practical point of not wanting to drive nearly that far combined with not wanting to go without MY slingshot I guess any slingshot events will remain limited to CA, AZ, & NV


    You've said before that you rent a vehicle for vacation. Just make it a tow vehicle, add a trailer and your ready :evil:

    I honestly wish I had kept track of how many miles I have gotten out of each rear tire. My sling only has around 19,500 and I have had 1 factory tire, at least 1 maybe 2 Lexani, 1 Toyo T1R, 1 R888R, 1 Mickey Thompson, 1 nitto 555 G2 and right now I can't think of anything else. I have 4 rear wheels so I don't always put them on and run them until they are gone. I change the rear tires out depending on the type of riding I am expecting to be doing. For instance, if I'm leaving here and riding down to FL to the coast for a few days I will likely be wearing something like the Lexani, if I'm headed to the mountains to enjoy the curves I will likely be wearing something like the T1R, if I'm headed to the track for track day I'll likely be wearing the R888Rs all the way round. I don't remember exactly how many miles I've gotten out of any of them. I do however remember the level of performance that I've gotten out of each of them and it is always inversely proportional to the milage. The nitto has by far been the worst tire I've tried. The only way I'll ever have another one on one of my wheels is if someone gives me a brand new one. It'd be ok to keep around for long flat straight trips. No sense in wearing out a good tire for something like that. jes my .o2

    I love the twistys and sounds like your tire of choice for that would be toyo?

    I got 6000 out of the kenda but thought it had better handling characteristics and grip than the nitto. Only my opinion but I felt the kenda was very predictable when at its limits while the nitto seems to start giving up unpredictably. Thinking I'll be trying a Toyo next

    For the black I just use satin black spray paint. Spray a little in the paint can cap and use a tooth pick that has been cut off and crushed on one end or a small art paint brush.

    Bigger spot than that. Was hoping someone had a brand that was close

    If all you're doing is touching up rock chips or small scratches, use M-NU Emblem Refinisher. It's what Soldiers use to touch up the brass buttons on their field gear and it works great!

    Needing to touch up a wheel repair. At least it's on the back side but still hope to get a good match

    I'm wanting to do a little touch up on an SLR rim and wondering if anyone has found a rattle can that is a close match for color and sheen. I've tried searching but couldn't find the answer. I did see that Funinthesun asked a similar question about 15wheels, don't know if he found a match or not. Perhaps the all knowing Painter could chime in. Anyone? Any help is appreciated

    Remember when EXXON put a tiger in your tank? They should have stopped there. Now they put jackasses behind the wheel

    Now that brings back memories... I was working in a Humble station at the time they changed to Exxon . Still got the coat somewhere

    I've been having issues with a stability light coming on for no apparent reason so today I popped in on the dealer unannounced. They stopped what they were doing and hooked up the digital wrench. Had several codes stored but one had 8 occurrences so figured that was my culprit but wanted to be sure so had him clear all codes and told him I'd let him know what happened. Only got 3 miles down the road and the light came on so I turned around and headed back. This time I left it running so the light stayed on and had him hook it up again. Amazed me that there was no code till we shut it down. Anyway he said something about a micro switch and that they would file a warranty claim.

    They know you by name and treat you like a friend . You gotta love service like that . :00008040::00008040::00008040: