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    Still enjoying my Cooper Zeon RS. Have about 3K miles on them now, wonderful summer tire, not too bad in the wet (I don't really drive in the rain at all if I can help it.) The tire can be spun, drifts the corners well if I get aggressive behind the wheel. Nice thing is that it is always predictable when it breaks traction, I've had some tires that go from grip to Oh $hit! in a heart beat. Coopers never do that to me - gives me great confidence behind the wheel.

    Always exciting to greet a new owner!

    Spend some time surfing around here, and don't be shy about asking questions. This is a wonderful community, very friendly bunch!

    Recall! You think the American citizens would hear the truth from either side on a recall. I think that would be worse off than impeachment. Because you have these idiots that don't follow the news, except the three networks and they are so biased in their reporting how could anyone ever make an informative decision?

    Recall is a viable alternative. California recalled Gray Davis (Democrat)... then elected Arnold Schwarzenegger governor.

    Interestingly, Davis ran for the Democrats in the special election after the recall... he got creamed.…e-banned-from-2035/n15810

    You might think that this is BS, and in many ways, it is, but this is what they are doing in Britain. And the deadline is 2035 - just 15 years away. And they have no idea where they will get the lithium batteries, and they have virtually no charging infrastructure for this.

    How well did pure electric cars do in the British market this year? Sales were up 144%... they now account for 1.6% of total car sales. Sounds like the great car buying public across the pond doesn't have much desire for these things... but the self righteous politicos are gonna ram 'em down every one's throats anyhow.

    Do you want that HERE? It's easy. Just vote for the arrogant socialist eco-terrorist on a political ballot in your town this fall. (That's eco-terrorist as in "economic terrorist")


    It has been raining most of the day - sleet this afternoon, now snowing with up to an inch expected - a lethal level of snow for the native Arkansan (and the many Texans who attend school here.)

    None of 'em know how to drive in the slippery... and I've got to herd 25 freshman students to an observation tomorrow morning at 7 am. :cursing:

    Iowa Caucus results:

    1. Demos can't manage a caucus in the smallest midwestern state - yet they still have delusions of being able to run the country!

    2. more than 48 hours after polls closed and still only 71 % of precincts reporting... are they counting by brail and delivering the results by dog sled?

    3. Pete and Bernie tie for first while Uncle Joe gets 15% and ZERO delegates!

    4. Demos are truly unelectable in 2020.

    5. Crazy mainstream media are still kneeling with their lips locked around the Democrats' collective exhaust pipe. The 4th estate is dead.

    6. STILL WAITING for those who 'promised to leave the USA if Trump was elected' to get the hell out of Dodge... maybe next November.

    I have a Ruger LC9S - it is my EDC gun. Have had it for years, superbly accurate, have run hundreds of rounds through it without a problem. I always carry with a round in the chamber in an Urban Carry G2 holster, I train regularly this way, and I won't have a carry gun with a separate safety. Too many times pulling the trigger and missing the shot because the safety was on - this was never a disaster, but all the same, no safety on my EDC.

    Just my 2 cents - everyone needs to do what ever is necessary to keep safe. What ever way you carry - practice and train that way! In a SHTF situation, you're going to do whatever you practice most.

    I spared no expense buying my wife a new washer and dryer, whole house sweeper, dishwasher, lawn mower, snow blower, power washer, wood chipper, quick jack and assorted power hand tools. There is nobody luckier than her....

    I think the Captain had a slightly better Christmas...

    I have to take back any recommendations for this product. Tested it on an hour's drive, no problem with pedals or shifting, but the holster quickly slipped down to the point that the gun was parallel to the floor and undrawable.

    Gonna try the rig on my SUV, but I'm within an ace of sending it back.

    The question for me isn't what slingshot you should get him for his birthday... the REAL question is how he lucked into marrying you! 😇

    He must have invented chocolate in a past life or something!

    I predict it will be a grand birthday for you both!

    Just be sure you get your share of time behind the wheel!

    The Driver Defense holster isn't perfect. The front of the seat on the slingshot is angled back, not vertical. This makes the gun's grip angle out a bit.

    The Walther PPQ (4" barrel) is the biggest gun I would try this with, a full size duty pistol would be too big, stock out too much.

    I'm going to drive with this a bit, I figure if it isn't what I want for the Slingshot, I can use it in my SUV.

    Going to send back the OWB holsters I ordered with this in any case. Too bulky! Going to check out DeSantis and Galco for a shoulder rig.

    I'm actually not as worried about the Slingshot getting stolen as I am about getting molested, carjacked, robbed when I'm out & about.

    I saw this "Driver Defense" rig, about $60 from Alien Gear Holsters & decided to try one.

    The idea was that the shell holster could be swapped from the car rig to a paddle holster. I've had this two days & decided that's bunk. The shell is nice, covers the muzzle completely & protects it when riding in this position.

    Thumb lock retention means Mr. Walther won't go bouncing around the cabin or fall out all together! The gear-looking knob locks into the receiver & allows any draw angle. Trouble is, when mounted on the paddle holster, it makes everything stick out at least an inch from your belt. I don't like the way it sticks out - way too conspicuous, bounces about too much.

    The between the knees rig doesn't seem to interfere with pedal work (more testing needed), draw is quick & easy, so is reholstering. Great concealment, no need for a shoulder holster and vest. Gonna try this for a month, may still go back to a leather shoulder holster after all that!

    I'll let everyone know how it works.