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Attention Vendors. Please email any instruction manuals you may have for your products. They will be added to the FILEBASE tab for members to access.

    SOG is NOT a message board or forum. As you may have read in the previous posts.

    Please help me understand the House Divided, how SOG member Code of Conduct would lead to less posting, how it is SlingshotInfo vs. Slingshot Owners Group? I've seen and responded to the concerns posted, did I miss something?

    I withdrew my Post. Will see how things develop.

    Folks, in April of last year, I proposed a Message Board to have discussions of common interest. I was shot down as it would lead members away from our Website Forum to cliques and side groups. I was eaten alive by how only one house can survive. I tucked my tail and receded to my comfort section, Sam Owens Media and Info Section.

    This is not what I intended. I will be posting news of the Progress! Watch for my Newspaper reports!

    To help with Bluetooth Connecting the Ipad to the Slingshot Entertainment System, video on how to connect to the Iphone. The procedure is the same. The procedure is in your Owners Manual for reference.

    This will help with the Ipad Connection to the Entertainments System. Good Luck member.

    This is a subject that will come to mind at some time in your Ownership of a Polaris Slingshot. This is for members with Slingshots prior to Ride Command System. The Entertainment System of the Slingshot has some basic features that work well. The FM/AM Radio is not one of them. A lot of owners want to take photos while they ride in group rides. They also want to hear music of a great selection to fit their ride mood. They want GPS to help with navigation. They would like to have a 7" display screen with a sharp image for viewing in the daylight. I hear you and have been where you are trying to get.

    The Ipad and GoPro can fit the bill. Along with an Internet Hot Spot Connection to the Internet for driving conditions. My videos below will outline the steps needed to help you achieve all of these desires for your Slingshot Experience.

    Important information: The GoPro and Ipad Connection will provide a driving view of the Road, when camera is in the rear direction, do not use the view for Driving decisions. The view is confusing as the image is not in reverse view as real backup cameras are displayed. Use this feature for Photography only!

    As New Owners get use to their New Slingshot, one thing will come to light of importance. In States that Helmets are required, Helmet Intercom System will be nice add for communicating with your Passenger with comfort and understand. Gail and I use the Sena SMH 10 system. Works really great and we have had it for about 3 years. You can hook up with three other Riders, making for communications between Slingshots. Price range is around $250. Here is my video showing demonstrations. I am using a mic to capture the sound from the ear piece in my helmet. Does not show the real clarity we get.

    Folks, I installed the Stealth Fender 1.5 on my 2017 Slingshot SL LE Midnight Cherry. I have installed the original Stealth Fender on my 2015 Slingshot. Part of the installation is to mount the fender to these three bottom screws. You will find that the Fenders do not line up with the wheel. Yes, the rear Wheel Assembly is not true on a 90 degree with the back end of the Slingshot. To get the Fender to mount lined up with the tire, you must shim the left rear side about 1/4 " or more to get an alignment. The folks at Paramount Plastics who manufacturer the Fender found this our on the 2015 model. I am unsure of the logic of this, but I am sure there is a valid reason. Maybe it was to give the Fender folks a challenge. I have no clue as to the bracket angle. Just giving some observed facts.

    Just got a strange request on this forum from aveline75 about wanting me to contact them in private,don't know if it's OK or not.Has anybody else received a request like this?

    Zeeboo I got the same exact message. Do not, do not respond to message like that that tell you they have something important to tell you. They are trying to scam us.

    Shatneyman , I live in the Cleveland, Helen, Ga area, we have to the north Blueridge, Ga, Blairsville, Murphy, NC, Hiawassee, Ga. You mentioned Hiawassee, Ga, a place that has a lot of lakes and property on the lakes, so if you like boating, it is the boating capital for the area. Hiawassee is like central to all the places you mentioned. I am going to show a secret place that is awesome for a grand view of Hiawassee. Bell Mountain.

    My Bell Mountain Drone View of Hiawassee, Ga

    Members, I find we have threads of all subjects that ask for photos of members, location and mods. I want to identify all members Slingshots by all posting a nice full photo of your Slingshot. give a front, 3/4, or rear view. If you do not have a full view of your slingshot on display, then go take one and post here for all of us to see.

    I would like to use this as a source of Slingshot photos for some of my upcoming Photo Edit Projects. Please make photos with a ipad or iphone or other smart device if you do not have a Camera. Looking forward to identifying your Slingshot. My photo edit projects are presented on Sam Owens Media and info Section, Photo Edit project Display. Please take the photos lower than the eye level as I can use the angles in lot more Projects. Thanks!

    dangerdarrell I looked for a long time on our forum for a nice shot of your Slinghsot and could not find one. This is to honor your birthday in my special way. I give you a spot on the beaches of Florida!! Post a shot of your Slingshot, I would like to make a special background for you. Happy birthday!!!