Clarksville This coming weekend

  • Ok so here is the Biltmore story.

    On one of our Maggie Valley events Tom organized a trip to the BIltmore and failed to invite us. Colette has been devastated ever since.

    Aw I can't tell a lie (yes I can but not when Tom is involved)

    Tom did ask us to go but I had no interest, Colette was pissed, but at me not Tom.

    This has been an ongoing thing since that trip and we have had a lot of fun with it. Last week in Clarksville Tom thought he got in the last dig by presenting us with this picture book.

    By the way Tom - the address label was still on the shipping box.

    You will have something in the mail next week - and even a bigger surprise when we meet again

    Love ya Brother - you are the best!

    The more people I meet

    The more I love my Dog!

  • The address label is 18 months old. Not sure it is correct anymore.

  • Lordy I miss you all!! <3

    We miss you as well.

    If and when you ever come back this way just give me some advance notice and I will create an event in you honor...

    We need you here when we place a star in the sidewalk in front of the Chinese restaurant just like Hollywood!

    You be safe and get back here whenever you can..

    The more people I meet

    The more I love my Dog!