2017 Ozark Slingshot Invasion

  • I just joined the forum last week and I wish I could have made this rally since I am not bit a couple hundred miles away but I am out of vacation time. But I have been to Eureka Springs to various rallies over the last 10 years. There are several great places to see up there. There is a general store in Oark that is about and 1 1/2 drive from eureka that is the 2nd oldest operating store in Arkansas,, they have great burgers. War Eagle was a old mill site that is still operating and it is a great place to visit and it isnt but about 30 minutes from town. There is a Daisy BB gun museum in Rogers Arkansas that isnt very far from Eureka Springs also. And Pea Ridge is very close to Rogers,, it is a civil war battle site,, it is very intersting. I am sure most of yall have seen these places since yall have had a rally up there for the last couple years but maybe it will help some of the folks that havent ever been to Eureka..