• Don’t worry about whether your SS is here on time. We will have plenty of people with extra seats. Here is the link to the site Slingshot Roadsters – Slingshot Roadsters Events
    @HeRSling and I will be leading the ride Thursday or Friday to Cliff House Inn and it looks like we will not have extra seats. Even if you can’t make the rides there will be plenty of Slings and vendors to get mod ideas from.

  • Getting up to the Eureka Springs rally would be nice, just two things... Will my new SLR be delivered by then, and will the Captain be on board with this? I think the first one is the more problematic of the two!
    Is there a registration fee/deadline for this event? We won't worry about lodging, we live about an hour away so we could just drive in and drive home at the end of the day.

    Just come...ride or no ride. 'Just warn your wife about that "Ej" has always looking for ladies to give a ride to.' Leave check book and credit cards at HOME....

    Be lots of fun and neat things to see as 100+ Slingshot invade the area.