The mighty quad

Another long overdue article, but, better late than never!

Trakhamr makes a marvelous frame for the quad kit, uses a rebuilt C4 Corvette rear-end, and is delivered looking brand new. This is the beginning of the journey, before Troy shipped it to me.


When I ordered the quad, my sling was sitting at DDM in South Carolina, getting some engine upgrades, and Dave graciously (and probably regrets it now), offered to help me install the quad kit. I was one of the first to get the self-install trakhamr, and certainly the first 2017+ to install it. When I arrived at the DDM shop, the quad had already been delivered, so the first agenda was getting my new rim and a tire mounted. So went straight to Discount Tire to get mounted / balanced, Putting the wheels on it makes it much easier to move around, so we could do this:


Just Insert tab A into slot B :



We ran into an issue with the frame mounting, due to changes of the 2017+ models on the angle drive mounting, and the quad kit wouldn't bolt right up. Dave's magic with a welder fixed that, and we bolted it up.


It did fit snugly after the changes. For those of you curious, Trakhamr has adjusted the kit to fit the newer models, no more modifications needed. I knew I was an early adopter, Troy has tremendous customer service and took care of me (and Dave)



After it was all installed, Dave aligned and we took it for a test drive.


Lastly, we weighed it, just for curiosity. This was with about 1/2 tank of gas, without me sitting in it, and of course, I have a top, so that adds some weight.


Thanks Dave@DDMWorks and Slopoke for helping me install it