Engine work

This is a long overdue write-up, but it needs to be done and this really just won't do it justice.

As many of you may know, when the turbo was installed initially, we had a problem with it and the poor little stock 2.4L couldn't take what the turbo was dishing out. The slingshot now has a gen 3 Ecotec that uses a sand cast process that is less prone to cracking and a more uniform surface area to the block. The gen 3 also has more material to build up the surfaces for strength, and more importantly, at the top of the cylinder bores.

Combine this with forged rods and ceramic coated pistons, and this engine can now take the higher horsepower. Dave at DDMWorks does amazing work.

While the engine was out, a performance clutch was added, because you cannot drop the transmission like in typical rear drive vehicles, the slingshot has welded cross beams on the frame, so to get the transmission out, gotta pull the engine.


To help with oil cooling, a Oil Cooler and Filter Relocation kit was added, which also adds a much bigger oil filter, and as a bonus, you can get to it much easier.



Looks like the cell phone glared the filter a bit, but it uses a K&N HP2004 filter now. This filter is designed for a 2007 Dodge Ram 4.7L V8.

The core piece of the new power of my sling is the Stage 2 Turbo by DDM, which uses a Borg Warner EFR 6758. It has one of the quickest spinup times of turbo's and just amazes me.



Behind the turbo is a y-pipe and vacuum operated exhaust dump. It opens up at around 50 - 60% throttle, allowing no restrictions from my exhaust to slow down the turbo. I don't think Dave lists this dump on his website, give him a shout if you want one. For me, it's a modified Welter downppe to connect to my Welter 2.5" rear dual exhaust.


If you have any questions, need more pics, feel free to reach out.