Exhaust part 2 and Brakes

My Welter dual rear exhaust didn't fit with the trakhamr kit, so we had to remove it, and then get some custom welding done. While doing that, I had v-band clamps put all along the Welter pipes for easier removal of sections and no more fighting to separate two pipes. I also wrapped the pipes all the way down.


I love the looks of the rear-end now, I think the exhaust really completes the look of the quad.



If anyone needs exhaust work done in the Dallas / Fort Worth area, I highly recommend McKinney Muffler and Speed Shop. Nick does a great job, he's passionate about your exhaust and the prices are very good.

Brakes are the breaks...

The trakhamr was supposed to come with upgraded rotors, but due to a supplier issue, they shipped me the upgrades after, and I was slow to get them installed, but it wasn't hard, took less than an hour.

Drilled/slotted rotor upgrade for the rear:


Yes, I know my wheels are dirty, sling is meant to be DRIVEN, not constantly cleaned.... :)


And my crown jewel, Dave does amazing work (I know, I've said that already), but the DDMworks Big Brake Kit, custom powdercoated, looks beautiful and just barely fits my 17" wheels (barely counts).


Later on, I want to get matching Wilwood calipers for the rear, because my OCD tweaks every time I look at the rear calipers or think about it...