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Attention Vendors. Please email any instruction manuals you may have for your products. They will be added to the FILEBASE tab for members to access.

    I'd take a set of black 2016 SL wheels or 2017 SLR wheels. Add me to the list of in search of! :D

    Shipping to 95124 required in the next week, otherwise need to be shipped to @MiM in Texas for hold until I arrive. Or shipped to 78260 if arriving after 25 Sep.

    Alright I have turn signals but no brake lights and no emergency flashers

    Took mine in for this exact problem. Was called today and told it was all fixed. New sensor and cleared all hidden codes. They are washing and waxing it tonight and I pick it up in the morning. Hope your dealer does the same.

    Sure going to miss my dealership when I move in a month.

    Here in the San Antonio heat... I'm definitely needing a top...

    Glad you moved and have settled. Happy to already have a top on my SS reading your comment.

    The wife, daughter and I fly in to SA on the 11th to house hunt Fri./Sat./Sun. Our move dates have moved to the left a tad. Goal is to be settled in SA by 1 Oct. :D

    I'll be sure to invite you to the house warming sling fest at my new place.

    Curious where you all settled in at. PM inbound.

    This is how I do it too. But other older and fatter SS riders I know also take the additional step of raising the steeringwheel all the way up first.

    While I like the carbon fiber options out there, I think it would look out of place if that was the only carbon fiber addition to the SS. I for one am not willing to spend $1K on stick on carbon fiber pieces.

    I have struggled with this same question for some time @ericastar76

    I am willing to hear suggestions and follow this thread in an attempt to eradicate the last piece of advertisement left on my SS. The rest has been removed. :D

    The Forever Sharp adapter is pretty good from what I've heard. Not too expense and covers clock spring. Also short so stock location should be kept (or maybe more room gained)? Maybe buy something else or get credit with slingmods?

    $60 on Amazon...

    I flat out love the stock look of the forever sharp hub adapter and spacer. It does cover the clock spring and we concluded that I gained more room with this over stock. The dish of your aftermarket steering wheel plays a factor as well. I lost room going from NRG wheel to momo wheel.

    Did you buy them from someone for under $600 or is that what they sell for? If its what they sell for can you point me in the direction? :thumbup:

    My local dealer offered them for $680 OTD with club discount... sorry, memory failed me as I bought them last August. Most dealers list them for $699 as far as I know. (Edited original post.)

    If you wait until Polaris offers a 25% coupon on accessories it will work for the seats. Just remember the SLR seats are the velocity sport.

    I swapped my 2016.5 stock seats for the 2017 SLR seats and love them. 2 huge benefits are lack of head rest and quick heat dissipation/retention from sun exposure. Then one can argue the looks of the SLR seats are nicer and they do have a lumbar support that either works for you or it doesn't. Be sure to sit in a set before you buy. Cost was under $600 $700 for the seats and the cost is only for the pads as you re-use the stock seat frame.

    Only negative I can tell is they raise you up about 3/8" but it feels like to you are sitting 2" higher.

    Ask around to anyone using the Auto Underground rear wings
    I have heard the do good job of moving the exhaust away from the back, I can't speak of it personally as I have no top and side exhaust but I spoke to a few people at SSITS who were very happy with the results - nice looking wing is as a bonus

    I have it. It does help to further reduce the fumes even more.

    This windscreen helped a ton to reduce the exhaust fumes. But did not eliminate them completely. Still on my quest to eliminate fumes I have added the large Underground Autostyling rear wing. This further reduced the fumes and I am satisfied for the time being.

    I have yet to send off the ECM to Bob for tuning, but hear this is the final step to be as reduced as can be.