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    I got the urge to let my inner hooligan out, so I drove the Kancamagus Highway. interestingly, I only had one really slow car in the entire hwy, and it was a new(ish) corvette. the driver was soooo slow that a minivan that was behind me also passed him. maybe it's just me, but It seems pretty humiliating when you drive a corvette so slow that a minivan passes you.

    I had them (sold my SS) I also had the slingshade.

    You can turn the air wings so that the air was blowing directly on you for the warmer weather or away from you in colder weather.

    SoCal, I didn't know if you saw the Old Man of the mountain since he went fall down go boom.

    not much to see anymore. Just his forehead is left.

    Soand in case anyone was wondering if there was a chance he'd crawl his way back up top, there were about a 1/2 dozen vultures circling.

    for those who've never been to Northern NH, here's what the Old Man used to look like.

    I remember heating up lead in a pot to make soldiers from a couple of forms we had.

    didn't matter if you broke them in play battles, you just put them back in the pot and remelted the lead.

    hmmm, breathing lead fumes may explain some my quirks

    I remember 15 cent hamburgers in 1966 This was at Chip's a hamburger that opened in Georgetown in 1966 and later bought out by Hardee's I worked the window for $1.05 an hour. In 1971 I could fill my 67 Corvette up with gas for $4.25 Hi Test Leaded at that

    Stewart's Root Beer Drive ins. I forget the price of a hamburger, but I do remember the cold brewed root beer in a frosted glass mug.

    oh, and gas was 25 cents per gallon. for my '62 Sunbeam Tiger

    One thing to double check when changing companies is to make sure you see an actual coverage map to see if where you live and travel is covered. don't listen to the "98% of US covered" BS. they mean 98% of the population, not 98% geographically. ATT and T-Mobile go up as far as Bangor Maine, then stop. no coverage at all, not even shared with another company.

    That's a beaut and it's a hybrid! It burns gas and rubber. Nice ride. Did you say you traded your Sling and is it a quad conversion?

    yeah 19" wheels and very thin tires. it holds the curves great, but you really don't want to hit a pothole. it's painful.

    I had the trakhamr and other goodies on order when I found the Z4 at a local car dealer. The car dealer and the Slingshot dealer are friends and after about an hour of them talking and sending pics. the dealer(s) offered me a trade in value for the SS towards the BMW. The price of the Z4 with slingshot in trade was pretty close to what I was planning on spending on the TrakHamr, wheels/tires, and some other mods I was planing for the SS.

    I called Troy and (luckily) was able to cancel the trakhamr order, so he probably has some parts accumulating if someone else wants to order his quad conversion.

    Here's my (new to me) BMW Z4 35i. Black, Retractable Hardtop, 3.0 liter dual turbo.

    I can see why people put a turbo in their rides. I can go from behind a slowpoke to Holy Crap in a couple of seconds.

    the Rockland (ME) breakwater lighthouse in the background.

    I just traded my SS in for a BMW Z4. it just looked so lonely at the dealership.

    I'm sure I'll miss the SS in in the summer, which in northern Maine is from July 10th to the 19th


    this is my setup. I have the Garmin attached to the windshield support. the other one a little lower and to the left is for my phone. there's just a mag/adhesive mount just below the Garmin. I usually have the Garmin / Mob Armor attached here. with my slingshade closed there is no glare on either one. either position is a quick eye glance and I can see both devices without moving my head.

    I've been looking into phone mounts. I currently just put mine between the e brake and the center arm rest. Where do you stick the mount to that is metal? The only thing I can think of is the windshield support but not sure it would stick to that.

    you can order them with either an adhesive backing, or with an adhesive magnetic mount. they also have a mount that screws into the windshield support.

    they don't make it easy getting the passenger side seat out, do they?

    I'm doing an anti social distancing mod to my sling. (the social distance thing has been perfect for me. now when I actively avoid people I'm being a civic minded, model citizen, not some antisocial jerk.)

    since in the almost a year I've owned it I have had exactly 1 passenger. But I regularly carry over $7,000 of photography gear with me. I'm going to replace the seat with a lockable metal box that will be bolted down in the spots the seat was. this way when I leave the vehicle with just a camera and 1 lens. everything else will be locked up tight.

    now I just have to find the right box.

    I didn't actually go into North Conway but the traffic everywhere else was very light to nonexistent. One thing I did notice though the hiking trails had cars parked along the side of the road for a mile or two very crowded.

    yeah, all the trailheads / park entrances in the downeast area are packed. otherwise the coast is clear (pun intended)

    might be an excellent time to do the Kancamagus Highway

    Got to admit whenever I see a large bird, be it seagull, raven, hawk - heck even a pigeon and I know its flight path is going to take it over me just in front when driving the sling I cringe hoping it wont pick that moment to take a dump - - - been lucky so far, but I still cringe

    unfortunately for my slingshot. I moved to a condo in a rebuilt old mill on the penobscot river next to a large dam and with the water so high for spring melt off covering the rocks and small islands, they are flying in large formations over the parking area making their displeasure known.