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    Thank you EjFord , dangerdarrell and others for the shout out. its not everyday you turn 60, not even Every Year !! Hell at 21, I never thought I'd live to see 31. Sorry I didn't get to come to Eureka Springs this year and visit with you guys, I had several things going on and just couldn't make it. All you's guys is awesome, hope ta get ta see ya again soon.


    California, 5 days to get home. Talked to him when he left the motel

    hey FunCycle was the California guy not too tall and have long grey hair??

    The wife and I met a couple at Kerrville from California by the names of Greg and Janice. They were going to visit with their son for a bit after kerrville. Thereafter make there way on to Maggie valley.

    Super couple. I believe they are Bookfacers.

    Man I’m jus lookin forward to hangin out with the old folks again and doin as little as possible! And I’m READY! I’ll be escorting a friend along. He picked up his new SLR about this time last year and hasn’t had a chance to attend any gatherings so I know he’s lookin forward to seeing what’s in store and meeting a bunch of folks. Did someone say BURGER ?? Lol. C y’all soon.

    Well after what I’ve been strapped with for the last year and a half, I’m finally at a point I think I can get away from work for a bit and just enjoy some time off. As soon as I mentioned the Texas ride to Mama, she was all over it. Soooo... Today I put in my time off sheet, called the YO ranch to get reservated and registered on the Roadsters site.

    Can’t wait to meet up with some old friends and make some new ones. See y’all there !!

    Hello all

    Since Rab titled this thread for both Old and New members and as I realize I’ve been on here so little recently I thought it only proper I introduce my self, and Oh yes... I’m Old. I’m Okierider/Kendall J. I snatched up my Sling dec 6th 2014 and got ser# 214. Hard ta believe it’s four years old now. I’ve added a few goodies to the ole girl, namely an Alpha turbo, wheels and shocks. I still get a super big kick outa drivin it around but it’s nothin like it was in the early days when people would run plum off the road while starin atcha. One time it happened on both sides of me at the same time. Fortunately they both drifted away from me.

    I’ve found it difficult to find time to log on much the last year or so because of work. I supervise currently five gentlemen where we apply hardface coatings to oilfield gatevalve and blowout preventer components using a process called HVOF. Needless ta say the oilfield is boomin right now so I/we stay unbelievably busy. As a result I don’t get to visit like I would like. Right now all fires are put out and I’m tryin ta Look like I’m busy. Hehe.

    I’ve rattled on enough for now. Y’all be good and I’ll try and holler back soon.

    PS. For the New folks or those just peekin in.. This is absolutely the best forum I’ve ever visited or been a part of. rabtech thank you very much for makin it possible.

    Ok, I know I haven’t chimed in for a looong time... but ya got me!

    Daauumm !!! Trent / Painter & helpers, that is just frikin Awesome gentlemen.

    Just overwhelming guys. And now I also know what the SOG stands for lol. I fell in love with the checkerboard pattern that you originally had As I mentioned to ya but Jeees... well done well done.

    Holy Cow Brother Bill ! I had no idea this was goin on. So very sorry to know the issues starting with your foot a couple years ago when we met, have continued and come to this point. I've been outa the loop for some time now due to work requirements and just haven't been on the forum.
    I'll let mama know tonight and get ready for some quick healing because she and I both will throw down some prayers for ya bubba. I'm sure it's not been easy for Mrs Angie either, so by all means both of you guys are in our thoughts. Giver a hug for me. Listen bubba.. take good care of yourself and I very much hope (Expect) ta see you and Angie in Eureka Springs.
    And you better believe if there's anything I can do for ya just let me know and it'll be done. You and Mrs Angie have always been one of My/our highlights of getting together at the rallies and I expect that continue.
    Again.. Get better soon. Luv ya man (bro hug!).

    You might consider the possibility of an air leak in the exhaust system near or ahead of the O2 sensor. Such as a Manifold gasket, improper torque on the O2 sensor itself or lose connections to the muffler/exhaust.
    The vacuum at idle is normal, how much I dunno, but 18-20 sounds about right. And being your only "monitoring" with your gauge and not using its said O2 sensor for ECU input, the warmup period is of no concern.
    What I deduce is that you have dual O2 sensors, one for your gauge and one for the ECU.
    As for the possible air leak here's what can happen. If the sensor is picking up oxygen from a leak (gasket or otherwise) the ECU thinks the system is lean and will then try to richen the mixture to compensate and you get in actuality a very rich condition, hence the smell of a fume heavy exhaust.
    ya might give it a once over and see it that helps.
    Good luck bubba.

    Well rather than expecting to attend and not being able to, I was scheduled to be on the Oregon coast for 11 days and had to cancel that !!
    So I'm going about this the other way around. Bass akwards I think is the term.
    At work we had our biggest customer ask that we double production on there parts and I kinda felt an obligation to make an effort to do what I could towards that goal. On top of that, I've been blessed with a new trainee which requires months of instruction, so flights were cancelled.
    Now knowing Allen's throw down is this weekend I couldn't resist taking 2 days to come visit. Whether we drive the Sling or the truck (due to possible rain) we will arrive tomorrow for two nights then head down to Mena, Ar. and run the Talamena drive. I'm not registered for the event so I hope Allen will allow me ta hang out a lil bit now and then.
    See y'all tomorrow. Everyone be safe.
    Kendall & Diana.

    It's been a while since I've been on the forums, but I got me a new phone last night and had ta try it out. Just happen to see this thread and I kinda felt a need to share. Emotions kinda overtake me sometimes.

    Mother's Day has almost always been a day to try and remember to call mama before it got too late in the day because it has actually been overlooked before. This year, It will be different.
    I have four sisters scattered around the country,and for the first time that I can remember, we will all be together at the same time and place, at Mama's house, to wish her a Happy Mother's Day. The fun part is, She has no idea this is going to happen. That Saturday, stepdad is going to take her into town for a sit down dinner to which one by one her five children will stand and administer oxygen as needed. Lol. I even hired a photographer to snap some shots for us later that day.
    Mama is now rather old and has acquired a health issue that unfortunately means this may well be the last time we ever get to do this. I plan to enjoy every moment... and I hope the same joy for everyone of you also.

    So very sorry to hear of your loss brother Bill. I know Mrs Angie is hurting and in time that hurt will subside. It's never easy losing someone so close. Our hearts go out to the both of you and your in our thoughts and prayers. This unfortunate news hits a little close to home for me for we lost my stepmom, my dad's love of 35 years, on January 5th.
    Give mrs Angie a big hug for me, and again, your both very much in our thoughts.
    Diana & Kendall.

    Jeeez folks what a great time. So good to get to visit with those we met last year and make many new friends this year. The riding in this area is pure awesomeness and the scenery fantastic. Just a wonderful time.

    @dangerdarrel my heart goes out to you and your wife. So sorry to hear of your loss. You and Patty are such kind hearted folks. God Bless brother.

    Come On All you Crackheads !!! We made it in around 2:30 and not a chance of rain till tomorrow. Which changed from the forecast I read yesterday. The cool thing about riding the sling in the rain is you never get wet unless you stop. Well Ok... Yer face gets wet but that's about it. if it rains... Go Faster !!
    Lol. Jus be safe all. C ya wen ya gits here.