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    Once again we spent another Saturday with Erica and Stacy’s so Erica could fix my lights.

    I had a separate remote control that controlled my upper and lower eyebrow lights. The remote stop working. I haven’t had these lights for three months now.

    I was going to order all new lights when Erica said no don’t. Just order the XK Glow controller and she would rewire my old lights to run off this new controller and I could control the lights from a app on my phone. No more remote...YAY

    I can’t speak highly enough of Erica’s wiring expertises. Not only did she get my lights working again, she also decided I needed more lights under the passenger and driver seats and behind each speaker in the footwells.

    With the new controller the lights are on two different channels. So I can control the inside lights independently from the outside lights or simultaneously.

    She had to hand make all new quick disconnects. Each one was four pin so four different pins had to be soldered to four different wires for just one quick disconnect. She had eight to do.

    Then she added a power switch to kill the power to all the lights with just one switch. Then we can power it up and it defaults to purple. 

    Now as Erica was doing my lights, Stacy was building a table top for her router to sit under like a table saw blade does. Then with the crank of a handle it raises up to whatever height she needs. Her talents are beyond amazing.

    Overall just two amazingly talented people. Pictures does not do this justice. The lights can do all kinds of things with this new controller but I like just one solid color. Purple. Now for parades and other special events I’ll change it up but for now it’s just simple.

    Between the new amp and now these lights, I say thank you so very much to Erica and Stacy. Give them both a shout out if you ever need any type of work done.

    Thank you ladies.

    We went keyless.

    I almost always left my key in the ignition every time I got out of it. All my vehicles are keyless so having a key was a pain in the butt for me.

    Pretty easy to install, plug and play for the most part and zip tying all the wiring. I’m pretty annal about looking like factory install but with the help of my bride (Swee), we got it done.

    Today was a productive day. After detailing my Sling yesterday after work, we rode up to see Erica and Stacy today, in the Charlotte area.

    Once we arrived and said our hellos we began the process of installing a RockFord FosGate amplifier, given to me by Randal, with the stock radio and stock RockFord FosGate speakers on the 2017 SLR.

    I can’t say enough about the talents these two ladies have and how they both compliment each other with their different skills.

    It was a joy to watch my wife interact with Erica as they tore apart the Sling Shot and then put it back together. Then it was my turn to work with Erica as she started cutting wires and then re-soldering them for the new amp as Stacy was building Erica a light stand to use in the Sling as she was working.

    It was a blessing to watch both of these woman work in there natural habitat and most of all it was a blessing just to see them again.

    Now I know I might not have 100 speakers and the 5000 watt amplifier that many have, I must say it is much louder and it sounds pretty dam good for a stock radio.

    Again, thank you to Erica and Stacy.

    The pictures in order...

    Clean Sling

    First test with Queen of course

    Water tight connections

    All wires put away and secured so it’s time to put it back together.

    Depends what your looking for. Every top has its pros and cons.

    If you want a removable top and frame that can be removed in less than 5 minutes so your back to your stock look, then MeanSling top is the way to go and you can cover it with the Polaris SlingShot dust cover.

    You also can remove the canvas top and have just the frame. Not very pretty and you can’t pull on this frame.

    It’s around $900 and the quality is great. We love our top and for the price its the best compared to everyone else, in my humble opinion.

    Now there are other canvas tops but you can’t remove the frame leaving you with the dune buggy look.

    This top is great for pulling on and to help climb in and out and to hang stuff on.

    I’m 6ft so I would be hitting my head every time I climb in and out. The MeanSling top opens up.

    Then you have your hard tops. I’ve heard some of them do warp after a while and some don’t. Again the best thing to do is just check them all out. Sit in them and ask lots of questions.

    Everybody will have different opinions and experiences.

    Good luck.


    MeanSling has a top that can be removed frame and all in 5 minutes to be back to stock look. It’s $899 and looks better too in my opinion.

    Also, the top lifts up from the back to allow easy in and out. Being I’m tall it’s nice not to hit your head on the frame that comes with a lot of tops.

    Down side is you can’t pull yourself up from the frame like you can with the other tops.

    Either way, there are many tops out there that will meet your goals. Just go out and check them out. Good luck.

    DO the POLARIS warrantee.... All of the dealers have room to move on the price, but you need to get it before your 2 yr run out. Fix My Toy a vender here offers a 20 or 25 % Discount and it's Polaris and can be used anywhere. Get a price from them and go to your dealer and have them match the price. They will have to do the warrantee work, but it's nice to give them a chance to make a $ on the sale of the warrantee.

    I did talk to them and the prices are the same for Riders Advantage and Polaris that they sell.

    I’m now looking for SlingShot owners who have Riders Advantage and what experiences they have had. 5yrs coverage versus 3yrs coverage for just $400 more sounds good.

    My original Polaris Warrenty is about up. I have the option to purchase Polaris for another 3yrs $1000, EFG for 2yrs and its the same price as Polaris, then Riders Advantage for 5yrs, $1400

    Has anybody had or have Riders Advantage or EFG? Was told towing covered to nearest dealer just like Polaris. I was thinking for $400 more I can get 5yrs.

    It’s been a while since I have done any modifications. I need to do a big shot out to ericastar76 for paying it forward with her old rims. She had bought new ones and had no storage space. She blew us away with a gift. We are so humbled just to call her our friend.

    There was nothing wrong with the rims but we had wanted to change them up a little. We had the rims shaved and repainted with a smoke look. We think they came out great. However, this was all done months ago. We had to sit on them until we could afford all new tires. I had the stock SLR rims and with the new rims being 20’s all the way around, that meant new front tires. Now I didn’t need new tires but was too excited to put the new rims on.

    Well this weekend we did just that. All new NITTO’s 255/35R/20 and of course 315/35R/20 on the back. I must say, I love the new look.

    As far as the SLR rims and the good tires I still had on them........Well we too payed it forward to another slinger who wanted the SLR rims for he had the base model. What a great group of friends we have in this Slingshot community and a lot of them I call family now.