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    I’m still not understanding why in the video it increased the rpm when he turned the knob up and the guy said I’m not touching the pedal..

    And if a tune can do that and increase the gas mileage for $100....why not.

    Sorry to sound like a broken record. The guy did not say, "I'm not touching the pedal". He said, "I did that with the knob, not the Pedal".

    He probably gave the Pedal a little input, to activate it and then used the knob to make the throttle increase. Not sure why you can't conceive that concept.

    My Hyundai Santa Fe has the same problem. Acceleration lag is so bad I have to be extremely careful pulling into traffic, etc.

    If this gadget would just cure THAT, I would consider buying one for the SUV.

    Read reviews and watch videos for Pedal Commander, it seems like the best. Though they all do the same thing. It will get rid of that lag in throttle response and they make them plug and play for most cars, trucks and SUV's.

    My Ram has a natural heavy pick up in acceleration at one point in normal acceleration. I fear it would make that portion more violent and when I asked Pedal Commander if it would, they didn't respond. Which I take as a "yes". So I didn't buy one.

    I'm not looking to be disrespectful or argumentative, but I still would like to see performance data with & without the Pedalmax, same slingshot, 3rd party driver.

    I am genuinely interested in performance boosting devices for the Slingshot, and only performance data will tell me how worthwhile the device is. I hope y'all have a great 4th, and I will keep an eye on this thread for further result

    I don't think you'll see it. Even the guy in that video says they hooked it up to a dyno and couldn't see a difference. He and everyone that has it swears by the seat of the pants feel. Which is understandable if you understand what it is doing.

    I explained to you how it works. As I think of that video, he said he "raised the throttle with the knob, not the Pedal". I really think he pressed the pedal a little to engage it, than showed with the dial how that low pedal input gets adjusted up with the knob.

    It doesn't "trick" anything. It just puts more juice into each pedal movement.

    Let's say it's volts. If the lightest touch of your pedal registers a 1 volt reading to the ECU. Having the Pedal Max set for +10 volts would make that lightest touch an 11volt reading at the ECU. It essentially makes the ECU see throttle down with the lightest touch, instead of requiring the ECU to read all the normal inputs before it gets to throttle down, as it does stock.

    That is why it may shave a tenth of a second off 0-60 and feel like it throws you in your seat or melts your tires instantly.

    still waiting for the idle Max rpm setting question to be answered.

    Is everyone afraid to post the results?

    Is it just a $289 idle adjustment knob or not.

    "everyone"? You're cute. There is only one person in this thread that has it. Plus, it is a week with a holiday that a lot of people take extended vacations on.

    Not to mention, if I was Murder After Midnight I would give zero shits what you want to know based on the responses he got.

    Very well said and true. Thanks for the memories. I remember getting our used school books and making book covers from used paper bags! Remember the 5 cents deposit for bottles! My friends and I would collect bottles and return them to buy a pack of gum! Clarks teaberry and black jack that turned your teeth black were favorites.

    You can still get those gums today at certain stores.;)

    Just a little food for thought.

    A guy posted on bookface about his slingshot going full throttle when he was coming to a stop with the clutch in. He shut the key off right away and it was okay when he restarted. A few blocks down the road it went full throttle again while he was shifting gears. Found out a day later he had the pedalmax installed the weekend before.

    This is the only rev issue I've read about, but damn..

    Some people with the Pedal Commander on their trucks had the same issue which is a real bummer, as I was contemplating it for my truck. It is a small percentage of owners, but risk reward takes a big hit in my book.

    It would be less dangerous in a manual as you can press in the clutch. None the less annoying and inconvenient.

    When working properly, many, many people love them(according to reviews).

    Can't argue that. He even says, "I did that with the knob, not my foot". I have been researching the Pedal Commander and assumed it was the same as the Pedal Max or any other throttle response enhancer. I figured since it plugs into the throttle pedal it needed pedal input to do it's thing. Now I wonder if the Pedal Commander does the same thing. No reviews for the Pedal Commander mention idle increase.

    Thanks for posting that video. I am better informed because of it.:thumbsup:

    That isn't what it does.

    Say your stock throttle inputs look you press the Pedal.


    If you put the Pedal Max at +1 setting it will look like...


    Set it for +10 (recommended for track only) it looks like...


    It doesn't affect idle at all. It affects throttle input.

    Many Youtubers played with higher settings for the Pedal Commander and found it too aggressive. Touch the Pedal and go through your garage sensitive. Many settle on "City plus 4 or 5" there is "Sport" and "Sport +" each with 20 settings on the Pedal Commander that people tend to avoid for daily driving.

    They definently increase throttle response. Too many 5 star reviews to deny it.

    Pedal Commander makes only a claim of increased throttle response. Increased HP, Torque and the like are B.S. if claimed by a manufacturer. Which it sounds like Pedal Max makes those claims.

    I looked into a Pedal Max for my truck, automatic, but fear that though it will eliminate any lag in throttle response it will intensify any increased acceleration jumps/jerks making them more violent. I actually asked Pedal Commander about "intensifying jerky built in throttle jumps" through their message board and their silence is telling "yes it will intensify bad behavior" in an automatic.

    The Sling is manual, so it should only be a plus.

    It is like the Pedal Commander. Many people claim through videos and reviews that it has a big improvement on throttle response.

    For all the "snake oil, prove it" folks, 1) Murder After Midnight isn't selling anything, he is a customer.

    2) it WILL increase acceleration more than just mashing the Pedal.

    I'll explain "2)"as simply as possible.

    ALL fly by wire pedals have a delay, the beginning of pressing the throttle. Some more than others.

    The Pedalmax and Pedal Commander and the like, simply increase the output signal. So where you had a delay or lag in the beginning, it is now getting a stronger signal from the lightest touch. That increased signal continues through the entire range of the Pedal. With them you can dial it down for fuel efficiency or up to very aggressive, where the lightest touch of the Pedal will be like mashing the gas and it will increase with that higher input through the whole range of the Pedal.

    That said, it should throw you into your seat harder if set aggressively and since it gets a high input quicker, should shave a hair off 0-60, but only a hair.

    AOC Just broke the law by telling Illeagals what cities ICE will be operating in. I wonder if our justice department has the balls to prosecute her? Or Is she another Clinton above the law? I cannot believe how this woman operates. She in MHO is a traitor.

    Is it illegal, or just poor form/stupid?

    Kinda like when reporters after the Boston Marathon bombing, went on and on, segment after segment saying, "If the bombers did x,y,z the loss of life and damage would be much worse". I always think, "Stop giving them ideas moron"!

    WOLF - riddle me this??? Why did Clinton flat out lie to the American people that Benghazi was due to a freakin video??? I’m again with Orangeman - they have had the microscope up Trump’s ass for 2 years - it’s time to see if Clinton and her minions can withstand the same scrutiny. I happen to think that with what I know ((barring information not released to the public) I believe my old, tired, retired, cripple ass could put together a slam dunk case against her on several charges. Maybe they will call :00008172::00008172::00008172:

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    CEO's are in charge of their company, however in most large companies they have little to do with day to day operations and security of every office/ Factory.

    Again, not defending. Just trying to understand. How it is entirely her fault and she needs to go to prison over it?