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    I know it's titled, "Votes Against Party Majority by Nancy Pelosi ".


    You're a smart guy. You can surely realize the reverse of the phrase is, "the majority of Democrats went against Pelosi 15 times". There are many times one or more went against her.

    Thanks for playing.:*

    Years ago I had a feeling that cell phones would become a big problem if used in the wrong way. I recall telling my brother this little thing (cell phone) is going to cause great destruction. Cell phones are a powerful tool in the hands of radical group think. The youth today don't appear to have any patriotic view of this country and they are the generation that can and chose to communicate their anger against the country in quick efficient manor mobilizing in an instant.

    The media only inflames the haltered.

    Bad news, very bad news.

    Trump isn't, "the youth today". 8|

    You are correct, "Cell phones are a powerful tool in the hands of radical group think".:/

    You just can't make this shit up. File the following in under the heading of "DON'T THESE FOOLS HAVE ANYTHING BETTER TO DO DURING THIS CRISIS?

    New York City Will Fine You for Saying "Illegal Alien." That’s an Assault on the Constitution. Is that the best use of your time? What's the next move going to be? I suppose the Left Wing LIBERAL Governor from California (That wacko Gavin Newsom) is probably going to fine people for using the term DRUG DEALERS and be more politically correct by calling them UNLICENSED PHARMACISTS

    Welcome to the new groundhog day when every day our country gets dumber and dumber with no end in sight

    What crisis ARE we Currently going through in September of 2019? That order was written in Sept. 2019. The article you quoted was written in Oct 2019.

    The order pertains to harassment in the workplace, by employers. Unless the employer illegally hired illegal immigrants, calling an employee an "illegal alien" would be insulting, demeaning and harassing.

    Sounds reasonable. No?;)

    Forgot to mention...It turns out you can very much, "make this shit up".:/

    Trump threatened to close down a company, Twitter. It will be hilarious if they respond by kicking him off Twitter for something in the pages of bylaws he agreed to when signing up.

    "Government should leave private corporations alone", unless they slight me. Then they should have the full weight of the government crash upon their head.

    Freedom of speech has limitations. Always has. Planes, Churches...and yes even on many websites (including this one) way before Trump.

    They need to let Joe be Joe. First they lock him in his basement for two months. When they finally let him out he has a muzzle on. I guess it keeps him from sniffing people. Come on man!

    "Keeps him from sniffing people":00008172::00008356:

    Nice, It's kind of vague but I think its more about pride and a valid/reasonable intent. I thought it was under the flag act of 1975 but I believe that act was superseded a few times. Mine is out front with a constant house light no directly pointed but for sure lights it up to see. If the intent is there it's a good thing!

    Is it proper to fly the U.S. flag at night?

    The Flag Code states it is the universal custom to display the flag only from sunrise to sunset on buildings and on stationary flag staffs in the open. However, when a patriotic effect is desired, the flag may be displayed 24 hours a day if properly illuminated during the hours of darkness. The American Legion interprets “ proper illumination” as a light specifically placed to illuminate the flag (preferred) or having a light source sufficient to illuminate the flag so it is recognizable as such by the casual observer.

    Thank you sir. Exactly what I was asking for.

    Well I personally have a 30 foot flag pole with one of these solar powered lights on top for night time light for it.

    Flag Pole Light

    Sorry, took the picture through my screened in porch,

    Oh, I have wanted one of those poles. Very nice AllIn5450 . I would have Philadelphia Eagles and/or POW/MIA vs. a political flag. I need a deck/patio and a pool(wife) before I can get one. I asked our local Fire Department if I could have theirs since they were taking it down and putting an addition on the Fire Station. The Chief checked, but was told it was going to storage and put back up in a different place after construction. I tried, I asked, "You sure you shouldn't have a new one to go with the new look"? He didn't bite. He did laugh though.

    I went thru several holsters that sadly are collecting dust in a drawer. I then got an Alien Gear Shapeshift 4.0. IWB

    I have found it to be the most comfortable and does not print, I couldn’t be happier with it for my Kimber Ultra Carry II .45.

    While perusing their site, it appears you may have supplied the answer to, "How do you mount a pistol in your Slingshot".

    Hope everyone had a Safe Great Memorial weekend. Put the Flag out and said the Pledge of Allegiance remembering those who sacrificed and paid the Ultimate Price. 🇺🇸

    Great weekend! Finally got out to see friends and family. Barbeques and brews..good times.

    I hope yours was great as well.

    We moved a year and a half ago. I picked up a flag a couple months ago. I need to find time for the wife and I to find the best spot for it on the house.

    I'm torn on whether the outside garage light qualifies as a light on the flag at night. Do you guys feel that is fine or should I get a direct flag light?

    What the heck is going on!?

    We have investigators, investigating investigators.

    The FBI investigating The FBI.

    Judges hiring lawyers to plead their case for pursuing a case.

    We have intelligence committees investigating intelligence committees.

    The Federal government is suing states.

    States are suing the federal government.

    Criminals are being released from prison because of Covid 19, sometimes with 12 years left on their sentence. While others are being put in prison, for what should be just a fine, for opening their business despite Covid 19 orders.

    And somewhere in the world somebody is eating puppies for lunch.

    I feel like I'm in bazaaro world.:S

    Let’s go one step further and say we just throw the whole damn bunch - House, Senate, President - out on their ass and start over!! Not gonna happen but I just wonder if that were to happen how long it would be before we are right back where we are now?? This country seems to be split in two with no way to unite again with whomever is in power: Hard not to be somewhat pessimistic during this time. I always said politics suck but...just DAMN!

    It may be the, "devil you know" scenario on steroids. We may all end up, looking upon today as "the good ole days of politics.

    If it totally reset, even without parties, the old parties would be easy to identify by their talking points. All the old arguments would still be there. With no Republicans or Democrats, people would just call out conservatives and liberals.

    1) "Article", "Press release", splitting hairs.

    2) I asked a question to understand your position.

    3) Thank you and I stand by my previous final sentences. I couldn't care less if every Democrat was put in prison, I couldn't care less if every Republican was put in prison, IF they are proven guilty of a crime that warrants prison. :*

    This is why WOLF has been added to my list, it has taken 4 years to finally do this.

    So you don't like questions. You realize I asked a question, right? <That was a question. Sorry if it offends your delicate sensitivities.:*

    They have move the goal post again. The new phrase is "there's no evidence of wide spread voter fraud" so voter fraud isn't a problem unless its wide spread voter fraud.

    That has been the line all along. Even after that Republican lady in Florida got busted for voter fraud claimed, "They do it all the time, I was just leveling the field". Even during and at the fizzled end of Trumps, "Voter Fraud Task Force" that did an over one year investigation into voter fraud with no conclusive results.

    Do you and Orangeman assume that if it is Philly it must be Democrats? The article doesn't give a clue to what party or person's benefited from the fraud. It just says clients of a consulting firm. That could be any party or every party.

    Any voter fraud, Voter depression, map gerrymandering...should be rooted out because it all hurts our democratic process. All violators should be prosecuted and lose their right to vote.