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    How about later if Hillary had won? That is all I have to say to you on this subject.

    I know that^ is all you have to say to me on that subject. So maybe others can explain your question and why one would ask a question if they are done with a subject. "How about later(future tense) if Hillary had won(past tense)?". If you are truly asking how my day to day would be next year if Hillary won in '16, probably the same.

    no worries - you only have to deal with him for 5 more years and he will be gone :00008359::00008359:

    I never have to deal with him. He is just another President that doesn't affect my daily life. My day to day has been the same through the last 4 presidents. Trump hasn't affected my day to day in the least. I was merely pointing out that he is a moron stating his narrative and speaking against his own narrative in a few short sentences, in one tweet. It's comical.

    Trump needs to put his shovel away. "It's about corruption, not politics". The second to last sentence says the complete opposite, moron.

    I still want to know the real reason that it happened without the BS! Yes that is the line. they fed the public but how could that be true when they were keeping up before.

    It isn't too complicated. The start: Obama became president.

    All Republican media and talking heads: "Obama is coming for your ammo"

    Every scared little conspiracy believer ran out and stocked up, causing regular shooters to stock up, causing casual shooters to stock up. Look at gun manufacturer and ammo manufacturers' stock prices while Obama was president. There's your "research".;) Simple, predictable paranoia. It will happen again when a Democrat becomes President again, the fear is real.

    Some, let us call them gun people will not even use a credit card to buy ammo and started doing this way before the 22 cal. ammo disappeared off of the market in a two week period. The news cycles said it was the American buying public that caused this to happen. RIGHT! something happened but it was not the public that caused the problem. I know this because I was shooting 550 rounds at least of 22 ammo every day for about 5 years and buying a case (10 ea. of 550 round boxes a week) and then they were gone. I do not know what happened but it was not the buying public that created the problem. AND THEN NEXT the hand gun ammo was hard to find.

    I can tell you, it was the buying public. The self fulfilling prophecy, "gun people", with their fear of Obama taking their ammo. You know the type, the same type that would raid a pizza parlor looking for the non-existent children Hillary is keeping in the parlors non-existent basement...morons.

    I talked to the sporting goods store manager about why I couldn't get ammo. His response: "Remington is pumping out ammo 24-7, they are running 3 shifts. We get shipments every Tuesday and Thursday. By 10a.m. on those days we are out, that is why we put a limit on how much you can buy at a time. If you want ammo, show up first thing in the morning on those days".

    Sure as shit, I show up the next day(Thursday)and they had a fairly full stock of all the "missing" calibers. As I stood in line behind a guy that brought his family in so they could each buy the daily limit, he is complaining that, "Ammo is hard to find, that is why we come here every Tuesday and Thursday to stock up, my buddies are stocking up too. Obama is slowing the flow of ammo, since he can't take our guns".

    I thought to myself, "Do you hear yourself, idiot? You, your buddies and people like you guys are causing this shortage. I just want a couple boxes for the weekend and have to take a day off work to get them, you dick".

    He has always been a foot in mouth gaffe machine.…6_1894977_1841630,00.html

    That is Joe, and probably the best reason he should stay home, but then again...Trump. "Anyone can win" is now the world belief, ask the 47(wait for it;)) Democrat presidential candidates.

    Epstein dies from "suicide". I heard Trump had him killed, because Trump frequented the underage sex parties. Now it's out there. We need to stop that murdering sex offender.8o

    That should get lots of "likes" because when baseless claims of "murderer" are placed on politicians in this thread they always get a bunch of likes.:*

    Sorry to hear about your wives ordeal Orangeman . That would be a horrible situation to be in. I'm happy to hear your wife is on the mend. I pray she gets as close to fully operational ("bionic") as possible.

    OK, ,what is refreshing is I can be gone from the forum for like what seems like forever and when I come back I see that we are carrying on the same type of dialog.

    WOLF - Miss ya my friend. Hope life is going well for you and the family.

    All good here. Little man is growing up so fast. The last 2 years are a blur. I will see if I can get the family down to Indiana while we're having good weather. I'll keep you posted there.

    Yes, I am here on my favorite carousel. :)